I met God in the morning,
when the day was at it’s best,
and His presence came like sunrise,
like a glory filed my breast.

All day long the presence lingered,
all day long He stayed with me,
and we sailed in perfect calmness
over many a troubled sea.

Other ships were torn and battered,
other ships were sore distressed,
but the winds that seamed to drive them
bought to me a peace and rest.

Than I thought of other mornings,
with a keen remorse of mind,
when I, to, had left the morning
with the presence left behind.

So I think I know the secret,
learned from many a troubled way,
you must seek God in the morning
if you want Him through the day.

E-mail correspondence with Harold Daugherty

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Subject: John Prevatte Taylor
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 19:40:22 -0600

Dear Mr. Taylor,
I am descended from Owen Daugherty (Reuben, William Simpson, Nathan Earl, William Albert, Lee Claude, Harold, (then Nathan, Patrick: and from Patrick - Patrick Ryan, Travis Benjamin, and Henry Davis)
John Prevatte Taylor was Reuben's cousin and both were Old Order Baptist (later Primitive Baptist.) William Simpson was a minister in the church, his grandson Sterling Daniel (Mary Daugherty Daniel's son) was also, until he bought life insurance, and was dismissed from the church. "Hard - shell Baptist" is a fit descriptor!
John Prevatte Taylor founded Duck Hill Primitive Church, not far from his burial place. My Daugherty extended family, Grandpa William Albert and his dad, Nathan, attended there at times. My dad's second cousin (and my mother's stepmother, a few years younger than Mother - small community, older widower, young widow with two young children -)who in her old age and second widow-hood married a Mr. Poe - supposedly kin to the Taylors -and is buried there.

The last pastor, maybe still is, was Elder David Blair, a long-time family friend. I grew up with his younger brothers -13 children in the family. I have been by the church, and I went by the Taylor place but did not stop. It is in the "hills," a band or weathered hills bordering the Delta. It is near empty country, sparsely settled, and the timber industry supported all the little towns. Camp McCain is nearby, an army training facility, as is the town named "Tie Plant" after its reason to be, creosoted pine railroad cross ties. Grenada is the nearest town of moderate size, and Oxford on up I-55

I do not know if there is a hill named "Duck" - that was the name of an Indian who lived there. The town is on Highway 51, which parallels I-55. Taylor Circle and Duck Hill P. B. Church are on state highway 404. From Duck Hill, Montgomery County, to Bellefontaine, Webster is a very pleasant drive - and not one to hurry. Of course, it looks like home to me!

I sometimes believe that, at 5th cousin level, we are all kin.

Harold Daugherty
Louisville, MS

Hello Harold

Thank you for the information. Would you mind if I post this on my website? I'm sure others would enjoy reading it. I have never been to Kentucky or North Carolina but I will be retiring in a few years and I will be visiting all the places you mentioned and visiting with all the friends I have made back there. Please stay in touch and I hope to meet you in a few years.

Buy His Grace
James Whit Taylor III
Henderson, NV

Sure, you can post it- but correct my grammar - Mississippi has a poor reputation without me adding to it. And in a few years you might have to see my gravesite. Turning 71 in December -
Best wishes for the coming Christmas season.