This is a copy of L. Rhea Taylor's book Pioneers of North Carolina Moses and Elizabeth Prevatte Taylor. It was transferred to CD in1997 by, Joe Taylor from Bowling Green Kentucky. I have tried to locate Joe to see if he has an updated copy because I have noticed that a few pages are missing but have not been able to locate him. If you ever stop bye this site Joe please give ma a call 559-250 4092.

In 2004 I spoke with L. Rhea Taylor III. He informed me that only 200 copies of this book were ever printed. I believe that the University in Kentucky has two copies. I received my copy from my Grandmother Katherine L. West Taylor in 1969 thus inspiring me to learn more about our families past and to keep a written record of my own family.

After my father passed away I received a second copy of L. Rhea Taylos Book. Both are still in mint condition. One I have put all pges in plastic sleves to preserve it while I use it for research. Allot of the information on this site is thanks to L Rea Taylor.


This book was printed in the early 1968. It is now being transferred to Floppy Disk, due to the fact that it is no longer in print and if one can find a copy it is a poor copy of a poor copy. It is hoped that by doing this it will be available to all in coming years.
1326 State Street
Bowling Green, Kentucky

August 1, 1968
To: Miss Marki Ray Taylor II
From: L. Rhea Taylor SR.
Subject: Moses Taylor - Born 1729 Place Unknown. Died - 1819 Warren County, Kentucky. Married: Elizabeth Prevatte, in 1764 at new Bern, Craven County, North Carolina ...Died 1833 - Warren County, Kentucky.

I have spent much time and have traveled many miles to try to learn of Moses Taylor Sr's people. Marki, you are in the eighth generation of Taylor's in Warren County, Kentucky, as is your brother, L. Rhea Taylor III and your sister, Mary Sue Taylor. Briefly, your lineage:
Moses Sr.,
James Fornifer,
Edwin J.
William Lee (Bud),
L. Rhea Sr. and your father
L. Rhea Jr.
You also descend from Moses Sr., Moses Jr., Moses III through his daughter, Margaret Elizabeth, who married her cousin Edwin J. Taylor.

It is not known where Moses Sr. was born. He was born - 1729. The first known record of him was his purchase of land in Craven county, North Carolina in 1756. He married Elizabeth Prevatte (A French Huguenot) at New Bern, North Carolina in 1764. At one time owning some 800 areas of land, largely on the South side of the Neuse River, Craven County, North Carolina. The last of his land was sold to one George Bryan in 1794, before beginning the migration to Kentucky in the spring of 1795. Moses had been a planter and owned a Cooperage business at new Bern.
One Abraham Taylor, was the first known Taylor settler in Craven County, having come there from Baltimore County, Maryland in 1729. Several deeds to property has his and Moses signatures as witnesses or his son Abraham Jr. There is little doubt a close relationship exited.
Among families who were neighbors were other Taylor's, Prevattes Beasley's, Marshalls, Daugherty's, Bryans, Slades. Many intermarried.
Moses Sr. lived in Craven County at least from 1756 to 1794. In 1756, when Moses first purchased 100 acres of land from one Absolum Taylor, he was only (27) years old. We have not learned where he lived these 27 years. I have come to the belief, he inherited little if any, that he worked and saved to make the first purchase of land. In 1794, there was little opportunity for young men because of economic conditions following the Revolutionary War. Moses Sr. had seven sons and five daughters and a number of sons-in-law. The call of the west was irresistible. He decided the new state of Kentucky, established in 1792, offered opportunity for his family. In the fall of 1794, plans were made for an early 1795 move to Kentucky. There was a large party consisting of families of neighbors and friends. In wagons, with oxen teams, horses and other livestock
and household goods they crossed North Carolina to Cumberland Gap, Kentucky. Daniel Boone had discovered this pass through the Cumberland Mountains some twenty Years earlier. Below Cumberland Falls in Kentucky they build or brought some thirteen barges and traveled down the Cumberland River to Nashville, Tenn., Then to the Ohio River to near, what is now Evansville, Indiana, on down the Green
River to the confluence of Barren River. The river route presented many hazards. Locks or Dams had not, of course been build. There is no tradition they had any serious misfortune during this journey. Having lived by the Neuse and Trent Rivers, they were no doubt expert river men. Because of the wilderness, an overland route through Kentucky had not been established. From this point, they proceeded to their destination being only a short distance. This is on Highway # 231, at Gasper River Bridge, some 10 miles from Bowling Green, Kentucky, on the road to Morgantown, Kentucky. Mr. Enid Howard now owns a part of the old homestead. The original log house has been moved to a new location. Two log barns are also standing. All are in excellent condition after 193 years. After their arrival most of the time was spent in cutting roads though the wilderness hunting game, building cabins and clearing land. Water was plentiful as Gasper River ran through Moses Sr. property. Warren County, Kentucky was not established until 1796, or one year after their arrival. Bowling Green, Kentucky was not incorporated until 1797. After some years the family scattered. Five Moses Sr. children moved to the adjoining county of Butler. Others went to Indiana, Mississippi and Texas. Moses Taylor Sr. and his family were the first Taylor's in this section of Kentucky. Most of their history has been lost over the past 193 years. Unfortunately
for posterity, people generally live from year to year without recording their family lineage. my father William Lee Taylor, spent his early life at the old homestead. The early Taylors were buried in the family graveyard. A flash flood around 1865, though the Gasper River section washed all head-stones away. Apparently the Taylor family were Baptist. There was only one church in New Bern, North Carolina as late as 1787. They probably worshipped in private homes. Soon after they arrival in Warren County, son Joseph Sr. was one of the organizers of the Providence Knob Baptist Church in 1804. Also three sons organized a Baptist Church near, Hadley Kentucky which faded out for lack of members. Marki, you are related, distantly, of course to many descendants in Warren and Butler Counties, Kentucky, as well as many others scattered through out the United States. George Washington was President when the Taylors came to what is now Warren County. Isaac Shelby was the first Governor of Kentucky at this time.
Your Grandfather,
L. Rhea Taylor Sr.

Taylor, Moses Sr, --of New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina Born - 1729 - Birth Place unknown Died - 1819 - Warren County, Kentucky
Married - Elizabeth Prevatte, A French Huguenot at New Bern, North Carolina in 1764.
Died - Warren County Kentucky in 1833.
It is believed she was born in Craven County, as the Prevattes were early settlers. Elizabeth's ancestors came to America from France in 1700, on the ship Peter and Anthony. They disembarked at James-town, Va. (descendants are eligible to join the Huguenot Society) Her parents were Peter and Elizabeth Prevatte who came to New Bern in 1739. Her grandfather was Peter Presal (Prevatte) who came to America from France in 1700. (Presal - French spelling) With their seven sons and five daughters and sons-in-law, they came to what is now Warren County, Kentucky in 1795, and settled near Hadley, Kentucky on what is now Highway # 231, at Gasper River Bridge, some 10 miles from Bowling Green, Kentucky, on the road Morgantown, Kentucky. One Enid Howard now owns a part of the Old homestead (1968). They were the first Taylor settlers in this part of Kentucky. Their Children:
Joseph Sr. married Mary Slade in 1785
Moses Jr. married Sidney Marshall in 1788
James married Chloe Marshall in 1795 (sisters)
Thomas (Alfred) married Elizabeth Taylor in 1808
Redding married Polly Machsay in 1801
John Prevatte married Hughanna Carr in 1803
Absolum married Polly Robinson in 1818
Elizabeth married William Beasley in 1784
Sina married Samuel Biggers
Sally (Sarah) married Robert Daugherty in 1784
Nancy married Daniel Daugherty in 1786 (Brothers)
Polly (Ann) married Peter Taylor Jr. of Va. in 1810 James Peter on marriage bond
It has taken much research of Mrs. Letha (Taylor) Dailey, Indianapolis, Indiana, daughter of former Kentucky Governor, William Sylvester Taylor, and L. Rhea Taylor Sr., to get incomplete information on the people of Moses and Elizabeth Prevatte Taylor, Sr. Proper records as usual have not been kept and many records have been lost through wars and
fires. It is not known if any children were deceased. The State of Kentucky granted 200 acres of land to each of the men. A plantation owner of some 800 acres, A cooperage business and tradition says a minister. he was generous with his children, helping
to get them established and kept them near him until his death in 1819. Then many of them moved elsewhere. Tradition says Moses Sr. was one of the citizens of Craven County, known as Regulators, who ran English Governor, Josiah Martin out of Tyron Palace - in 1775, because of excessive taxation's and other inequities. Tyron Palace was the seat of English Government at New Ben, North Carolina.
Son, John Prevatte Taylor's daughter Sarah, she married Nathaniel Poe, lost three sons in the Civil war defending their Southland.
WHO WERE MOSES TAYLOR SR'S PARENTS ?I do not know. I am going somewhat into detail to record various opinions. Maybe some descendent will someday find the answer. Much research has been made. No written record has been found to substantiate his parentage. Why someone years ago did not make a written record of his parentage is disappointing. Moses Taylor Sr. had a great-grandson, W. C. Taylor, A Baptist Minister, who in 1878 wrote a biography of his father Alfred, a famous Baptist preacher, who was a son of Joseph Sr., a son of Moses Sr. He refers to Joseph Sr., but does not mention Moses Sr. In 1918, Ed T. Taylor, Mayfield, Kentucky, a descendent from Joseph Sr, wrote a short history of the Taylor family, stating that Edward Taylor Jr. was Moses Sr's father. Edward Jr., with his father Edward Sr, came to America from London, England in 1692. He refers to a Bible more than 100 years old and tradition. This family settled in New Jersey. Their children were: John, William, George, Joseph, Zachary and Moses, born 1730.
Tradition says Moses Taylor Sr., born - 1729. The names of Edward, Jr., children are somewhat similar to those of Moses Sr. The Bible referred to was taken to Texas and cannot be located. Mr. Taylor confuses the Edward Taylor and James Taylor (President Zachary Taylor) people. Mr. J. Carroll McConnell, in 1968, living at 1816 South Adams Street Fort Worth, Texas, a descendent through Joseph Taylor Sr., a son of Moses Taylor Sr., has information left by early Taylors--who migrated to Texas from Warren County, Kentucky, placing Moses Taylor Sr, as belonging to James Taylor, the President Zachary Taylor people. James Taylor Sr. married first Francis Walker (Second was Mary Gregory) & came to America from Carlisle, England in 1750- 1767. Their children were: James II and Sarah, born 1676. James married Martha Thompson. Their children: Francis, Martha, James III, Zachary, George, Tabitha, Erasmus Hannah and Mildred.
Now Zachary, born 1707 -- died 1768, first married Elizabeth Lee and secondly a widow Ester Blackburn (mother of children not known) Names of children: Richard (father of President Zachary), Hancock (killed by Indians), Joseph, walker and Zachary. This family migrated from Orange Co., Virginia in 1789, when the future President was nine months old. Son Richard settled near Lexington, Kentucky and died at Louisville, Kentucky at the home of a daughter. He was, as were his brothers, granted thousands of acres of land by the Virginia Continental Congress because of Revolutionary War service when Kentucky became a state in 1792, this became Kentucky land. If we are of the James Taylor, people, seemingly Moses Sr, parent would be Zachary I, who married Elizabeth Lee, or James III. Zachary and James being brothers. no record has been found by me listing a son Moses, by either. My father, William Lee Taylor, believed we were related to the Virginia Lees. Moses Sr. had a daughter, Elizabeth. No record of any deceased children. Therefore, we do not know if he had a deceased Zachary. Why did Moses Sr. migrate to Kentucky in 1795. Richard Taylor, father of the President, was a member of the first
Kentucky General Assembly- 1792, that authorized land grants to settlers. Moses Sr. and his sons were each granted 200 acres. Did relationship play any part? Richard was granted land in Warren County, by the Virginia Continental Congress in Warren, being Moses Sr's -- County. No tradition of contact between them. The first written record that we have of Moses Taylor Sr. was his purchase of 100 acres of land in craven County, North Carolina in 1756, from Absolum Taylor. His next land purchase was in 1759. Moses was 27 years old in 1756 and did not marry until 1764, when he was 35 years old. It appears Moses Sr. inherited nothing: that he worked and saved his money to buy his first land. Was the seller a different Absolum than Abraham Taylor's son Absolum? Abraham came to Craven County in 1729, from Baltimore County, Maryland, who was apparently the son of one Lawrence Taylor. There were many Absolums in Craven County, we can surmise an Absolum somewhere along the line was a strong character. Abraham Taylor had a son Robert. A Robert Taylor and Moses Sr owned land jointly for some years. Abraham had a deceased daughter, who had married George Marshall. Was he the father of Chloe, who married James Taylor and Sidney who married Moses Jr. both son of Moses Sr? The only Moses Taylors in Craven County until 1795, were Moses Taylor Sr. and Jr. Abraham Taylor Sr. died in 1751. Moses Sr. or an Abraham Jr. were witnesses to deeds, indicating a close relationship. Early Taylors in Craven County were: Abraham, Absolum, Robert, Aaron, James and Joseph. Some of these could have been sons. DAR records show a Moses Taylor serving in the Revolution in the Captain Timberlake's Albermarle Virginia Guard. Colonel Francis Taylor, was Regimental Commander, who was a James Taylor decedent. If this was our Moses Sr. could relationship as well as "detest" for the British have caused him to go to Virginia and serve 60 days, leaving family, some 800 acres of land and a Cooperage business? He was some 45 years old at this time. There is not a single bit of evidence that I have found to connect Moses Taylor Sr with James Taylor (President Zachary Taylors) people. All evidence points to close relationship to the named early Craven County settlers. As stated maybe the answer will someday be found. Heraldry of the Taylors tell us that the progenitor of all Taylors (English) was Hanger Taylor- 1256- descendent of Norman Baron Tailifer (Taylor) who lost his life at the Battle of Hasting or Senlac about 1064.
L. Rhea Taylor Sr. 1968 Son of Ester, Daughter of James
Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevatte Taylor Sr.
Talbutt, Ed T. Born 1837 - died 1910 - Warren County, Ky.
Married - Mary Dent, a widow
Died - 1910 No Children
Ed's father was Henry Talbutt, who married Ester Taylor, daughter of James, son of Moses Taylor Sr. Henry Talbutt came to Warren County, Ky. from Baltimore, Md. Ed and Mary lived near Rockfield, Ky., just off Russellville Road. They died in 1910, one day apart and buried at Providence Knob Church burial ground. He was well educated. In 1900 he gave Mrs. William Sylvester Taylor (wife of former Kentucky Governor) the names of Moses and Elizabeth Prevatte Taylor Sr's children and whom
they married. Had he not done so this story could not have been written. It is the only record in existence. L. Rhea Taylor, Sr. attended the double funeral when he was 16 years old. For the benefit of the Dent Family, Mary had a son, Tom Dent, who had sons, Percy, Paul, William and Lucian. Percy Dent is now living in Bowling Green, Ky. Mary Dent's first husband was a Louisville, Ky. druggist, who was killed by a hold-up man.
L. Rhea Taylor sr. - 1968
Rockfield, Kentucky December 1, 1900
Mrs. W. S. Taylor (Mrs. William Sylvester Taylor)
Dear Madam:
According to promise, I send you a history of Cousin Will's Family as far back as I know anything of it. From it you will perceive that his grandfather was James Taylor and his great-grandfather was Moses Taylor Sr., both originally from North Carolina, also that his grandmother was a Marshall, what his Great-grandmother's maiden name was, I do not know; but am of the impression that it was Prevatt, who were French Huguenots. No news worth writing.
Your truly,
(signed) W.E. Talbutt
Re: Moses and Elizabeth Prevatte Taylor Sr.'s children: Moses Taylor of North Carolina had the following children; vis Joseph, Moses Jr., James, Thomas, Redding, John Prevatte, Absolum, Elizabeth, Sina, Sally, Nancy and Polly.
Elizabeth married William Beasley, Sally married Robert Daugherty, Nancy married Daniel Daugherty , Sina married a Mr. Biggers, Polly married James Taylor of Virginia. Thomas and Redding moved to Indiana, John P. to Alabama afterward, to the Purchase, and was a preacher. Moses Taylor Jr. married Sidney Marshall, and James Taylor married Chloe Marshall, sister of Sidney Marshall. Sidney and Chloe Marshall were born and reared in Craven county, North Carolina Moses Taylor and Sidney were married in North Carolina. James Taylor and Chloe were married in Kentucky about the year 1795.
Moses Taylor Sr. and family moved from North Carolina to Kentucky in the year 179_. James Taylor, son of Moses Taylor, Sr. was born in Craven County, North Carolina, March 30, 1769. Chloe Marshall, his wife, was also born in Craven County, North Carolina in about the year 1772. Their offspring all born in Warren County, Kentucky as follow: John and William (twins) 1796; Fornifer 1798; James 1800; Esther 1805; Sidney 1807; Edwin 1809; Sylvester 1811. Sidney married John B. Davidson; Ester married Henry Talbutt.
W. E. Talbutt Indianapolis, Indiana
Mr. L. Rhea Taylor Sr.
1326 State Street
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Dear Cousin Rea:
First I want to reassure you that our Elizabeth Prevatte Taylor, wife of Moses Taylor Sr., was of a French Huguenot Family. When my father, William Sylvester Taylor (Former Governor of Kentucky) was living I
asked him about that. He said his own father, Sylvester Taylor, born 1811 lived for 22 years near his grandmother. She died in 1835. He said she could speak French fluently. When She was upset over something she murdered the French Language. Father said she was happy in make-up, liked to sing and had them singing most of the time. Their home was a place for friends and families to meet. A popular place to visit. No wonder having all those fine folks and their families so nearby. What experiences they must have had to tell about. You see my father got this first hand from his father, Sylvester, who was in on it all. Just imagine how interesting this large family were. No wonder people gathered near them. They were people of pioneer strength. What experiences they must of had to tell. In heaven's name why didn't some of them put information on paper for posterity.
Best wishes;
Letha Taylor Bailey
GEORGE II and III were Kings of England
American Revolution
Declaration of Independence
Lived some fifty years under English Rule Main Crops: Tobacco, Corn, Rice and Indigo A self sustaining people - grew materials for clothing, spun cloth, made clothing, tanned hides and made shoes. Cutting roads through the wilderness, building homes, they had few luxuries. Most people had an abundance of Life's necessities. Terror of Indians. Boston Massacre. Boston Tea Party. Stamp Act. Born two years before George Washington. When born the population of America was less than 500,000. Continental Congress, Original 13 States, War of 1812, In 1761, James Otis declared man has natural rights, no King can infringe. John Adams said that was when Independence was born. A few of the important people of his time: George Washington, John and Quincy Adams, Sam Adams, Daniel Webster, Thomas Paine, Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, James Otis, Thomas Jefferson, Daniel Boone, Patrick Henry, John C. Calhoun, Henry Clay, Baron Von Streuben, Nathaniel Green LaFayette and John Jay.
Moses Taylor appears in the records of Craven County, North Carolina in 1759. There were Taylors here prior to that. This Court House and all the records were burned in 1739. Abraham Taylor of Baltimore County, Maryland, was in this county prior to that. Book 1, page 267.
BOOK 2, PAGE 18 - May 9, 1759 Moses Taylor buys of James Green 100 acres. Being James Green's full part of the Patent to James Green and Robert Taylor.
BOOK 12 & 13 PAGE 96 - OCTOBER 21, 1766
Moses Taylor buys of Absolum Taylor 100 acres, Being Absolum Taylor's full part of the Patent to Robert Taylor and James Green. Robert Taylor & Aaron Taylor
BOOK 23, PAGE 270 - JAN 26, 1779
Moses Taylor, carpenter, to John Carlton, Wheel Wright, a Plantation of 30 acres, for 78 pounds. Being part of a greater tract of land granted to Moses Taylor by patent 1762. Richard Carlton and William Lane
BOOK 23, PAGE 149, - APRIL 15, 1780
Moses Taylor, Cooper, buys of Robert Taylor, Planter 200 acres. Being all the land granted to Robert Taylor on the north side of Bryan's Mill Branch on March 29, 1739; March 29, 1749; August 3, 1771. John Slade Abraham Taylor
BOOK 30, PAGE 122 - FEBRUARY 1, 1791
Moses Taylor, Sr. Planter to Joseph Lofttin 240 acres, 60 pounds, Previous Grant. Frederick Lane James Taylor
BOOK 32, PAGE 445 - MAY 12, 1794
Moses Taylor to George Bryan. 200 acres, 250 pounds. Previous Grant. Robert Daugherty Daniel Daugherty
BOOK 32, PAGE 446, - MAY 12, 1794
Moses Taylor to George Bryan 150 acres. 250 pounds. Previous Grant or Purchase.
Robert Daugherty Daniel Daugherty
* There were other purchases and grants by North Carolina, Moses Sr., first purchase of land in Craven County, N. C. was in 1756, from one Absolum Taylor totaling 100 acres. In 1762 he was granted two tracts of 270 acres, Craven County - Both sides. Flat swamp.
This indenture made this 4th day of March in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred & seventeen between Moses Taylor, Senior and Elizabeth his wife and Peter Taylor and Polly his wife of one part and James Taylor (Moses son) of the other, all of the other, all of the County of warren and state of Kentucky. Witnesseth: That for and in consideration of the sum of four hundred dollars good and lawful money of Kentucky to us in hand paid by the said James Taylor the receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge. We the said Moses Taylor Senior his wife and Peter Taylor and Polly his wife hath bargained and sold, and doth by these present convey alien and confirm unto the said James Taylor his heirs and assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land being two hundred acres by survey lying in Warren County on Lick Creek the water of Gasper River and bounded as followeth, beginning on White Walnut thence north eighty degrees west two hundred poles to corner white oak and sugar tree; thence south ten degrees west one hundred poles to corner dogwood; thence south eighty east twenty poles to corner Red Bud; thence south fifteen degrees east seventy three poles to corner hickory thence south eighty degrees east one hundred and fifty poles to corner hickory thence north eleven degrees, east one hundred & sixty five poles to the beginning corner white walnut.
To have and to hold the aforesaid tract of land with all the appurtenances heredetratments and emoluments thereto, unto the said James Taylor his heirs & assigns forever, and we the said Moses Senior Taylor & Elizabeth his wife and Peter Taylor his wife Polly do hereby warrant and bind ourselves, our heirs executors administrators and assigns to defend the right and title of said land unto said James Taylor his heirs and assigns free from the claims of ourselves, our heirs and all other persons whatsoever.
In Testimony whereof we do hereunto set our hand, and affix our seals this day and date above written. Signed and sealed and delivered, in the presence of William Taylor - (son of James)
Fornafor Taylor - (Moses son)
Absolum Taylor - (Moses son) Moses Taylor (Seal)
Elizabeth X Taylor. (Seal)
Peter X Taylor (seal)
Polly X Taylor (Seal)
The name of Taylor all along the ages has had a variety of forms. For example, Taylefer, LeTellyur, LeTalyur, Taillour, Tailyour, which is the old Scottish form, Tailleau, Tayleure, Taylurese, Taylour, Taylir, Tayller, Taillir and Taillor. Present day orthography is reduced to the forms Taylor, Tailor, Tailler and in rare instances Tayloe.
The coat-of-arms is brazened; quarterly, first and fourth, azure, on a chief sable, two
boar's heads argent; second, argent, a chevron ermine between three greyhounds azure; third, argent chevron ermine between three mullets azure.
Crest: A Dexter arm embowered in armor, the arm grasping a javelin.
Motto: Consequitor quodeunque petit-he
"French spelling" - Presol, "English" - Prevatte also Prevet, Prevat, Prevette, Prevoe, Privit and maybe others.
The pronunciation sounds like Pri-vet -- The votte sounds like voe.
March 2, 1794
Dear Mammy:
King Freser came by our claim yesterday and stayed all night with us. He brought us beet and onion seed and gave me a needle and some flax seed. We came here because Tolliver hired Sam to live on the Bell land and hold it. One of our horses died at Cumberland Gap. Sam sold the other one to a man for some ammunition and some food and we made a boat and came down the river in the night and laid by in the day and we walked three or four nights pretty near all night. We hear Mr. Tolliver is going to send more people out here, and I wish he would as it is lonesome when Sam is gone. We have about two or three acres cleared and planted in corn and pumpkins and we have enough venison dried to do a year. My yellow linsey dress is nearly worn out, but cottonade is not. Sam made me a coonskin apron. There are folks about twelve miles from us on Big Barren River and a Mr. McFadden who was hunting stray horses stayed all night about a month ago. He begged us to come up where he lives and said it was not safe for us to live here, but we don't feel afraid, if it was not so lonesome. King said he was going to meet some surveyors and hunt for some military land. Some times I cry about losing Bounce, but Sam says he knows the Ingine that stuck his tomahawk in Bounce won't kill another dog, for he put a bullet in his hide. They were here about one whole day whooping and hollowing about, but they were great cowards. Sam says if Tolliver comes out here next year we will go back on a visit. Tell everybody howdy and if you see any one coming here write to me and send me some things. I can get them at McFadden's.
Your affectionate daughter,
Note: The McFadden mentioned lived about three (3) miles from what was Bowling Green. As of now Mt. Victor is the location being a suburb of Bowling Green. (1968)
New Bern, is a town situated on a point or Neck of land at the confluence of the Rivers Neuse and Trent, each of these Rivers are at the town about three quarters of a mile wide, the town contains about 500 or 600 houses which are mostly built of wood, this place is generally reckoned to be the Capital of North Carolina, tho' the Legislature do not always meet there, the Neuse is navigable for sea vessels about ----miles above the town and for Scows and Flats about----miles---The Trent is navigable above the Town for Sea Vessels about ---miles and for flats and scows about miles----- There is an elegant house in this place called the Palace, (Tyron) formerly the residence of the English Governor many of the houses are large and commodious some are one story and some two stories high. There are too many of the houses Balconies or Piazzas in front and sometimes back of the house, this method of Building is found convenient on account of the great summer heats here-- These Balconies are often two stories high, sometimes one or both ends of it are boarded up, and made into a room. There are convenient Wharves at New Bern, these are mostly on the Trent side of the town where the shipping generally lay - - Vessels drawing 9 feet water can come up to the place--- There is a small church here with a square tower, Cupola and Bell' it is the only place of worship in the town. This place being the County Town of Craven County, there is a brick goal (jail) here, and a Court House, the latter is raised on arches; The courts being held upstairs, the lower part serves for a market place; though' but little provisions are carried there; people coming in boats or canoes sell their marketing at the river side. This was the present "Christ Church" New Bern, originally Craven Parish, established by the Vestry Act of 1715.
200 JAMES TAYLOR 1/ 243 8/16/1798 WARREN
200 JOSEPH TAYLOR 1/344 8/16/1798 WARREN
200 MOSES TAYLOR 1/416 8/8/1796 LOGAN
150 WILLIAM TAYLOR 2/216 10/1-7/1803 LOGAN
200 JOHN TAYLOR 4/93 2/10/1807 LOGAN
280 THOMAS TAYLOR 11/177 11/20/1802 LOGAN
350 THOMAS W. TAYLOR 13/8 11/12/1807 LOGAN
100 JOHN TAYLOR 13/11 8/15/1799 WARREN
45 THOMAS T. TAYLOR 15/2 3/24/1808 LOGAN
150 THOMAS TAYLOR 15/5 10/26/1807 LOGAN
200 MOSES TAYLOR 15/462 7/25/1799 WARREN
200 JOSEPH TAYLOR 21/287 12/25/1813 LOGAN
205 REDDING TAYLOR 23/200 7/12/1799 WARREN
200 THOMAS TAYLOR 27/115 1/12/1799 WARREN
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses & Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Sylvester Born/ 1811 (1st) Married- Margaret G. Wims- 1852 Son- William Sylvester Taylor Born/ 1853
Governor of Kentucky - 1899
See further information on his life. (2nd) Married - Mary Gainway Moore
Sylvester was born in warren County 1811, He moved to Butler County in 1832 where he died. All this information was furnished by Mrs. Letha Taylor Bailey- daughter of William Sylvester Taylor.
Their Children (By 2nd marriage)
1. - E. Lon Taylor
2. - Fern Green Taylor
3. - Jess Thomas Taylor
All resided in Butler County, Kentucky
All buried in Butler County, Kentucky
Their descendants are listed below:
1. - E. Lon Taylor Was a prosperous farmer if Butler County, Kentucky
Married - Emma Moore, daughter of Tom & Jane Moore of Dunbar, Kentucky.
Their Children:
(a) - Ben Taylor
(b) - Beulah Taylor
(c) - Robert Edward Taylor Born - 1891 Died - 1952
Was a farmer and owned a coal mine.
Married - Nellie Rone Born - 1897 In 1954 a widow residing in Louisville, KY
Their Children:
1. Rex Taylor - US Army
2. Mary Ruth Taylor
3. James Robert Taylor
4. Bobby Rone Taylor
5. Emmy Nancy Taylor
6. Roy Calvin Taylor
(d) - Roy Taylor - deceased
(e) - Dixie Taylor
(f) - E. Lon Taylor Jr.
2. - Jess Thomas Taylor
Born - Butler County, Kentucky
Died - 1942 in Butler County, Kentucky
He was a farmer and owned a coal mine.
Married - Pairlee Barnes- daughter of Henry & Rachel Barnes.
Their children;
(a) - Bonnie Uchra Taylor
Married - Aubrey Watkins
Their Children;
1. Merle Watkins Born - 1920
2. Kenneth Watkins Born - 1922
3. Jean Watkins Born - 1927
(b) - Oak Barnes Taylor
Married - Laura Watkins
Their Children:
1. Caroline Taylor
2. Helen Taylor
(c) - B. Ike Taylor
Married - Silva Pendley
Their Children;
1. Harold Thomas Taylor
2. Bobby Rayl Taylor
3. Clara A. Taylor
(d) - Jessie Joyce Taylor
Married - George Basham
Their children:
1. etty Basham
2. Billy Basham
3. Ronnie Basham
(e) - Roy Taylor
Married - Margie Likens
(f) - Robert C. Taylor
3. - Fern Green Taylor
Born - Butler County, Kentucky
Died - 1939
Was a prosperous merchant of Butler County, Kentucky
Married - Annie David Vaughn
Born - Butler County, KY
Died - 1917 at age 42 in Butler County, Ky.
They were highly respected.
Their children;
(a) - George W. Taylor
Born - 1887 at Rochester Kentucky In 1954 residing in Indianapolis, Indiana
for years employed at the United States Rubber Company.
(1st) Married - Gussie Baliles of Dunbar, Ky
She is related to the Gardner family there.
No Progeny - they were divorced.
(2) Married - Euria (Bohannon) Spencer. B- Tenn. 11-15-1900
She had a daughter, Dorothy Spencer
Married - Herman Abraham in Indianapolis, Indiana
Children; Tommy Abraham
Steve Abraham
Their children:
1. - Edward Mantell Taylor
Married - Clara
No Children.
He was in WW II, with Medical Corp. Army. The group he was with was the first to cross the Rhine River.
2. - Harley Harold Taylor - Married - Erma Clifford. He was in WW II, a sailor and saw duty in the South Pacific - US Navy.
Son - Harley Herold Taylor Jr.
3. - George Keith Taylor -
Married - Betty Hasten. He was in the US Army Artillery Division. Saw duty in Korea.
Their Children:
(a) Diane Taylor
(b) George Edward Taylor
(b) - Arizona Vaughn Taylor
(1st) Married - T. Wade Stratton, Cromwell, Ky.
(2nd) Married - John Wilson, Griffin, Indiana
(c) - William Fern Taylor (Bud)
Was in W. W. I - US Army
Married - Elva Summers from near Evansville, Ind.
She has a daughter "Carlene" by first husband.
He is in grocery business in Indianapolis, Ind.
No Taylor progeny.
(d) - Mary Elsie Taylor
Died in childhood.
(e) - Anna Belle Taylor
Born - April 17, 1899
` Married - Herbert Dalton Stalling from Griffin, Ind.
For years they have resided at Evansville, Indiana.
Their children:
1. Herbert Dalton Stalling Jr.
Born - 1920 In Indianapolis, Indiana
2. Glen Dale Stallings
Born - 1922 Died - 1924
3. Alice David Taylor Stallings
Born - 1924
(f) - Estil Sylvester Taylor - with U. S. Rubber Co.
Married - Margaret
Resides in Indianapolis, Indiana
(g) - Charles Edward Taylor
Resides in Indianapolis, Ind. 1017 Laurel St.
Married -
Their Children:
1. Charles E. Taylor Jr.
2. Bob Taylor
3. ????????
(h) - Dudley Tanner Taylor
I do not know if he is married.
Died when he was 27 years old.
Fern Green Taylor's second wife was a widow, who had 2 children a son and a daughter. her name was Mrs. Allie manning Hopkins. They were married in 1929 and lived together for ten years.
Hopkins son killed, Fern Green Taylor at Fern's residence in Morgantown, Kentucky. Fern died in 1939.
This caused great sorrow to the Taylor family for Uncle Fern was such a good man to everyone. The above information was mostly secured by Letha Taylor Bailey in 1940 on a visit to Kentucky.
In August 1954. I read to George W. Taylor of Indianapolis, Indiana what I had gathered. He said it was correct and he added other items to Fern Taylor's descendants such as wives, children, dates and war service, as best he could. (Letha T. Bailey)
Son of Sylvester Taylor
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses & Elizabeth
Taylor, William Sylvester
Born - 1853
Died - 1928
Buried in Indianapolis, Indiana
He was born in Butler County, Ky. - came to Indianapolis, Indiana, 1900. Was Governor of Kentucky in 1899.
Married - Sarah Belle Tanner - 1878
Born - 1861 Died - 1901
Their children:
1. - Minnie Bell Taylor
Born - 1879 Died - 1884
2. - Tyler Florence Taylor
Born - 1880
Residing in Miami, Florida - 1955
(1st) Married - E. Lee Davidson
Born in Somerset, Ky. - Died Indianapolis, Ind.
Cashier - Empire life Ins. Co. for many years.
(2nd) Married - Robert Elton Bragg
Died in Florida
3. - Alma Taylor
Born - 1882
Died - 1911 Indianapolis, Ind.
Married - Dr. Harvey Gale Bohannon
Born Bagdad, Ky.
Died - Denver, Colorado
1. Son: Jethro William Bohannon
4. - Anna Taylor
Born - 1884
In 1955 living in Miami, Florida
(1st) Married - Edward Swager
One child - Anabelle Swager
(2nd) Married - Merrill E. Wilson
He was Vice Pres. of Empire Life Ins. Co., Indianapolis.
5. - Wendell Sylvester Taylor
Born - 1885
Married - Meta Wolf - 1913 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
In 1955 living in Menton, California
Spent life in US Navy, a Chief Petty Officer
He was in the White Fleet in 1912 when it went around the world.
Two daughters: Lucille Taylor,
Married Peter Pacio - Captain Los
Angeles Fire Dept.
Letha Taylor,
Married - Ora Anderson, Los Angles,
California. A movie technician.
6. - Aldean Taylor
Born - 1889 - Died - 1921
Married - Ralph M. Tompkins of Indianapolis, Indiana. With Empire Life and Accidental Insurance Company, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Died at child birth - No children.
7. - Lotha Taylor
Born -4-27-1891 in Butler County, Ky.
In 1968 resided in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Married - Linden A. Bailey - 1917 - Born - 1887 In 1968 living in Indianapolis, Indiana
Formerly Division Manager - Empire State Life Insurance Company, in 1954 Secretary and Director Wabash Insurance Company. He's of a Pioneer Indiana family. Member of many worthwhile organizations.
See additional on Mrs. Bailey - She furnished all of this Taylor history.
8. - Mabel Taylor
Born - 1893 In 1954 Living in Indianapolis, Indiana
Born in Morgantown, Kentucky
Married - Irvin M. Miller
Born - 1894 Died 1949
Their Children:
(a) Taylor Edward Miller
Born 1918 Died 1919
(b) Betty Ann Miller
Born 1921
Married - Thor Behrens - Born in Denmark
No Children.
(c) Irvin Miller, Jr.
Born 1922
Married - Naomi Funk
Son - Irvin M. Miller III
(d) Marjorie Miller
Born 1926
Married - Dr. Jack Trager
1954 living LaPorte, Indiana
(2nd) Married Mrs. Nora (Lawless) Floyd Myers
Born- Jamestown, Kentucky
Married - 1912 at Jamestown, Kentucky
One Child: Charles Linden Taylor
Born - 1915 - Indianapolis, Indiana
Married - Thelma Willis - Indianapolis, Indiana
One Daughter:
In 1954 Mrs. Letha Taylor Bailey wrote this about her father, William Sylvester Taylor. Born 1853 - Butler County, Kentucky. Died - 1928 Indianapolis, Indiana. He was a teacher, County Court Clerk, County
Judge of Butler County, Kentucky, Attorney General of Kentucky 1895-1899. Was elected Governor of Kentucky in 1899. Upon going to Indianapolis, Indiana he practiced law. Was one of the Organizers of the Empire Life and Accident Insurance Company and was Vise president and General Council. He was a very brilliant man. A Public Speaker. Was a friend of Theodore Roosevelt. He was a great story teller. Was honest and honorable in dealing with his fellowman. His last words to Mrs. Bailey - "Now don't cry everything is going to be all right". In 1950 his portrait was unveiled at the Old State House, Frankfort, Kentucky.
On August 2, 1928, God called, and Governor William S. Taylor, our beloved vice-president and General Counsel, answered the supreme command. For him earth's life page has been finaled. The completed page spanned seventy-four years, crowded with great joys and brilliant achievements, crowded with great sorrows and heartbreaking disappointments, but crowned with high honors and the love and esteem of his fellow-men. Fitting it was, therefore, that for him Life's sun should at eternity's portal be glorified with a cloudless setting. In life's tumultuous struggle he had won, lost and won again.
In his native state of Kentucky, he had been honored by election as Judge of Butler County for eight years, served four years as Attorney-General of the state, and then elevated to the Governorship of that
In his public service he attained marked distinction both in his state and throughout the nation. Denied by misfortune of the rightful culmination of a brilliant political career, he was content to live in this, the state his adoption, a life free from ambition for political preferment.
In his chosen profession, the law, he again gained distinction in Indiana. In addition he became one of the founders of the Empire Life and Accident Insurance Company. He was a safe and dependable
guide during its early formative years, and a solid rock of integrity and judgment during all the years of service that followed. No greater tribute could be paid Governor Taylor by executives of our Company than these words, "In all the twenty years of close and successful business association, the spoken, not written, work was his bond." That sentiment, both his and theirs, has been one of the largest contributing factors toward the marvelous growth and development of the Empire. Fine as he was as an executive and counselor, he was even more gloriously dependable as a friend. All who knew him will bear testimony as to the crucible qualities of his fellowship. Courteous, courtly, kindly, and above all, friendly, he leaves us to mourn the passage of a truly great man. he was great in human sympathy, great in character, ideals and achievement, great in Loyal devotion to friends and loved ones, great in his unfaltering faith in the God who cares for us all. facing that God, he thought of us all and left us that last message, "Carry on" Saddened by our loss, but inspired by his life and ideals, we now leave the mortal tomb of our friend, Governor Taylor, comforted with the beautiful thought inscribed upon the memorial statue of one of Indiana's greatest citizens, "The lives of great men do not go out: they go on" "CARRY ON"
Daughter of William Sylvester Taylor
Son of Sylvester Taylor
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth Taylor Sr.
Bailey, Letha (Taylor)
Born - 1891 at Morgantown, Kentucky
Married - Linden A. Bailey, 1917
Lived at 1 - E. 36th Street Apt. 501, Indianapolis, Ind. 46205
No children (1968)
She moved with her parents to Indianapolis, Indiana in 1900, Her father was William Sylvester Taylor, former Governor of Kentucky. Her mother was Sarah Belle Tanner of Morgantown, Butler County, Kentucky. Mrs. Bailey is a 1914 graduate of Butler University Indianapolis and a life member of the Alumni Association. She holds memberships in a number of prominent organizations. She is a member of the Caroline Scott Harrison Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Propylaeum, Southern Club, American Association of University Woman, john Herron Art Association, Brown County Art Gallery, woman's Department Club, matinee Musical, Symphony Society, Civic Theater Group and the Kentucky Historical Society. While a student at Blakers, Mrs. Bailey was a member of Zeta Kappa
Phi, a professional sorority. Mr. and Mrs. Bailey are members of Second Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Bailey is an honorary member of the Filson Club of Louisville, Kentucky. Over the years, Mrs. Bailey has spent much time and effort to learn of Moses Taylor Sr. and his descendants. Because of the information Ed. T. Talbutt, who's mother was Ester Taylor, daughter of James, son of Moses Sr., furnished her mother in 1900 on Moses and Elizabeth Prevatte Taylor Sr.'s children very little of this Taylor story
could have been told, since it is the only record in existence. Mr. Talbutt knew all his aunts and uncles personally. Mrs. Bailey has given me much cooperation and information. Mr. Bailey is an important Insurance Executive, a member of many worthwhile organizations, including a Kentucky Colonelcy. Is of
pioneer Indiana people.
L. Rhea Taylor Sr.
Son of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevatte Taylor Sr.
Taylor, John Prevatte
Born - 1783 Died - 1861
Married - Hughanna Carr - 1803 - Russellville, Kentucky
John Prevatte was born in New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina in 1783. When he was 12 years old, he came with his family to what is now warren County, Kentucky in 1795. The information on
their move and names of the brothers and sisters can be found on page 5. At an early age, he moved to Butler County. Several of his immediate family had moved there. In 1803, when he was 20 years old, he
married Hughanna Carr from Logan County, an adjoining County to Butler. His home was some eight miles from Morgantown, Kentucky, just off the road leading to Russellville, Kentucky. Very little is known about his early life, however, he was reared in a religious atmosphere becoming a Baptist Minister. In those days there were few established churches throughout the Green River section of Kentucky. Meeting were held in private homes. Ministers had to make their living largely through farming. There was scarcely any money or occupations to afford a cash income. We have record of a nephew Alfred Taylor, a famous Baptist Minister, having conducted a series of meeting over a period of two weeks and received as total compensation, one pair of home made "Socks". His father and probably older brothers and sisters taught him to read and write. Hughanna's father and mother were Hugh Carr from Ireland and Ann Hamilton descendent of James Hamilton and John Hamilton, who settled in Chester, Pennsylvania in 1742 opposite Philadelphia. An Andrew Hamilton lived in Hampton County, Virginia. See Egles Pennsylvania Genealogy - Page 315 to 333. John and Hughanna, with their seven children (Thomas having died) moved to Washington County, Alabama in 1819. it is not definitely known the reason for his migration. It is understood that some of the Carr family settled in the South. John Prevatte owned land in
both Warren and Logan Counties, selling it after moving to Alabama. One tract of land was sold to his brother James, another to brother Redding. They had three additional children after going to Alabama or a total of twelve. Eleven living to maturity. In 1836 moving to Mississippi, near Duck Hill. The old home-stead is now owned by descendants. Their children (except Preston Married) and most all had large families. Many of the descendants are unknown. Some of them reside in Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, and elsewhere. Descendants have enjoyed most professional activities, doctors, lawyers, plantation owners and merchants. John and Hughanna are buried in the Taylor graveyard in Duck Hill, Mississippi (near Jackson, Mississippi). Children:
1. - William P. Taylor
Born - 1806 in Kentucky
Married Lucinda
Children: Betsy Ann, Francis, Susan, Sally, Polly Mary,
Emma, Jordan, James, John (and John - one died
during Civil War) - Ed, Walter, Arthur, Oscar
William and Ben. (Would it not be interesting
to know all the descendants of these sixteen?)
2. - Susan
Born - 1804 in Kentucky
Married - David Worsham - Born in Tennessee.
Susan, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Joe William, John.
There were other children whose names are unknown.
3. - Thomas
Born - 1805, Died young in Kentucky.
4. - Preston
Born - 1808 in Kentucky
Married - Miss ____ Moore
Both died in Alabama.
5. - Hughanna
Born - 1810 in Kentucky
Married - Oliver Bennett
(No record of any children)
6. - Elizabeth
Born - 1811 in Kentucky
Married - (1st) Cary Carpenter - Born in 1808
Children: Susan Carpenter
Married - (2nd) Solomon Bennett
Children: John, Martha, Ann, Virgil
7. - Sina
Born - 1812 in Kentucky
Married - Elbert Moore
Children: Wealthy, Bellmode, Jim, John, Susan and _____.
8. - Sarah
Born - 1817 in Kentucky
Married - Nathaniel Poe
Children: Mart, Perry, tom, Jim, Jop, Boh, Mary, Hughann
Susie. (They lost three sons in Civil War)
9. - Tabitha
Born - 1819 in Alabama
Married - Michael (Pyran or Byrant or Pyron)
Children: Hughanna, Elizabeth, Elza, Susan, Martin
Tom, John, Nathaniel, Franklin, Willie and Robert.
10. - Benjamin Barrow
Born - 1820 in Alabama
Married - (1st) Francis Elizabeth Corey
Children: Martha, Alice, Argie, Benjamin Barrow Jr.
Thomas, Nathaniel.
Married - (2nd) Amanda Henderson
No Children:
11. - Nathaniel
Born - 1808 in Kentucky
Married - Mary Vance
Children: Jane, Mary, Deha, Alice, Riley, Idabel, Annie, Antinet, Jennie, John, Thomas.
Had second wife, name not known.
12. - Mary Ann
Born - 1826 in Alabama, Died - 1914 in Arkansas
Married - John Mason Jones - 1845 - in Mississippi
Born - 1823 Died - 1886
Came to Arkansas in 1872
Children :
(a) - John Seaborn - Born 1846
Married - Harriet Harriet Rosenberg
Moved to Arkansas in 1872
(b) - Henry Preston - Born 1848
Married - Laura Tylor (Tyler)
(c) - Benjamin Franklin - Born 1850
Married - Margaret Reynolds
(A grand-Daughter - Mrs. Charles Robinson
Little Rock, Arkansas)
(d) - Jefferson Carr - Born 1802***note this must be wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!
(e) - Mary Hughanna (Mollie)
Married - John A. Pence
1. Lynn Pence
Married - Daisy Draper
Daughter - Sarah Pence
2. John Hughanna (Hugh)
3. Mrs. Steve Carrigan Jr.
Hope, Arkansas
Daughter, Mrs. Roy Prather
John Mason Jones; Father was a Seaborn Jones (several by that name) Descended from Abraham and Martha, who came to Virginia from Bristol, England, in May 1700's. Seven sons of Abraham and Martha were in the Revolutionary War. Ed T. Taylor - A descendent from Moses Sr. through son Joseph, said
in 1918 - Moses had a brother Zachary living in Halifax County. Maybe Abraham Jones and Zachary Taylor were friends.
Daughter of Mary Ann Taylor
Daughter of John Prevatte Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevatte Taylor, Sr.
Jones, Susan Frances
Born - 1864
Married - Thomas Buchanan Powell
Born - 1888 Died - 1931
1. Thomas Young Powell
Born - 1889
Married - Ida Camp
Born - 1905
1968 living in Benton, Arkansas
(a) - Doris Earline
Born - 1924
Married - Charles Dorsey - Living in New Iberia, Louisiana
(b) - Thomas M.
Born - 1926
Married - Katheryn Sherrel
(c) - Raymond F.
Born - 1931
Married - Bonnye Sherrel
(d) - Richard Lee
Born - 1946
Married - Linda Crane
2. - Emma Hughanna
Born - 1895 Died 1936
Married - Joe Coleman
Children: Joseph.
3. - John Lee
Born - 1898
Married - ????, Living in Conway, Arkansas - 1968
(a) - John Jr. - Living in Texarkana, Arkansas
(b) - Nell Hanks - Living in Arvado, Colorado
(c) - Helen Norris
4. - Helen Esther
Born - 1903
(1st) Married - Joe Harris
(a) Frances
Born - 1923
Married - William Jones
(b) Carolyn Harris
(c) Joe ___Harris
(d) Carroll (girl)
Born - 1928
Married - William Brown
(2nd) Married _____Oates
5. - Josephine (not married)
Born - 1906 Died - 1925
I have a Master's Degree from Henderson State Teachers Collage and have taught in elementary schools for twenty-eight years. Doris has a Master's Degree from University of Southwestern La. She is a science teacher in New Iberia where her husband has an insurance and real estate business. She is a member of the Daughters of The American Revolution. Raymond has a Master's degree from Henderson State Teachers Collage and is an instructor at Southern State Collage in Magnolia, Arkansas.
Richard is a student at Henderson and will qualify for a B.A. Degree next year. Marvin is in construction work in Benton, Arkansas. My husband, Thomas Young, is now seventy-eight years of age and has been ill health for seven years. Doris is a DAR member of Moses Taylor Sr. line.
(Signed) Mrs. Ida Powell
Mrs. Powell has been most helpful and has shown great interest.
L. Rhea Taylor Sr. 1968
316 Pike
Benton, Arkansas
January 1, 1968
Mr. L. Rhea Taylor Sr.
1326 State Street
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Dear Friend;
Please accept my apologies for not writing you and expressing my thanks for your book on the Taylors, I was waiting for information which I wanted to give you. My daughter, Doris Powell Dorsey, has just received notice that she has been accepted as a member of the Daughters of The American Revolution on the record of Moses Taylor. My research showed that Moses Taylor served under Captain Timberlake and Colonel Francis Taylor in the Albermarle Guards as a Private. We found a payroll record in Section of War (Robert C. Davie) Patriots Index Page 668.
Your book is wonderful. I enjoyed reading it. I will appreciate hearing from you again and when you get your book revised, I will be glad to help on the expenses of a copy for my children.
Mrs. Ida Powell
Son of John Prevatte Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevatte Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Benjamin Barrow
Born - 1820 Died - 1912 in Mississippi
Married - Francis Elizabeth Corey
Born - 1824 Died - 1876
Buried in Taylor Cemetery, Duck Hill, Mississippi
1. - Mary Susan Taylor
Born - 1840
Married - Mr. Reeves
1 child - Minnie Etta Reeves
Married - Robert Ambrose Neal
Children: Nellie, Jennings, Ernestine
Mary Susan - buried Bethlehem
2. - Sarah Elizabeth Taylor
Born - 1852 Died - 1896
Married - W. E. Long
Born - 1849 Died - 1921
1 child, Annie Lou Long
All Buried Taylor Cemetery, Duck Hill, Mississippi
3. - John Prevatte Taylor Jr. MD
Died - 1930
He never married, was very well-known for his medical skill in the Duck Hill section of Mississippi. He was very prominent in state politics, having served as state treasurer for some years.
Buried in Taylor Cemetery.
4. - Martha Alice Taylor (Aunt Matt)
Born - 1855 Died 1896
Married - Jim Neal
Children: Ben, Dalton (1965 - living in Little Rock Arkansas) Mollie, Kelly, Alice.
5.- Angie Taylor
Born - 1856
Married - Ronald Guess
Moved to Texas, contact lost.
A Child - Ben Guess
6. - William Austin Taylor
Died - 1933
Never married - Buried in Taylor Cemetery.
7. - Benjamin Daniel Taylor
Born - 1858 Died - 1929
Married - Birdie House, Winona, Mississippi
Child: (Only son to come to Conway, Ark.)
(a) - Benjamin Dan, Jr.
Born - 1895 Died 1967
Married - Janie Inez Hendrickson
(b) - Robert Love MD
Born - 1904
(c) - Annie Louise
Born - 1901
8. - Thomas Nathaniel Taylor
Born - 1860
Married - Mollie Clark
(a) - Clark
Living in Rubville, Mississippi in 1966
(b) - Annie Laura
9. - James Martin Taylor, M.D.
Married - Mattie Kindred
Children: Bernice, Derwood
Both buried - Kindred Cemetery, near
Rubville, Mississippi.
10. - Oliver Perry Taylor
Born - _______
married - (1st) Miss Britt
(2nd) Johanna Haywood
Born - 1873 Died 1954
Both buried Taylor Cemetery, Miss Haywood had an unbroken record in her lineage to the landing of the Mayflower.
Austin, J.B.(killed in World War I) Don, Lizzie
Mae, Louise,(living at Duck Hill, Miss. on a place next to the old John Prevatte home. A
brother owns the old home place, Corly, Ercyle, Juanita.
11. - Lula Moore Taylor
Died - 1923
Married - A. E. Kindred
Son - Ben David Kindred
Buried in Kindred Cemetery.
12. - Hughanna Carr Taylor
Married - Icez Day
No children.
Little is known of the family that remained in Mississippi and
nothing of the ones that moved to Louisiana and Texas. In 1860,
according to the US census record of that year, Hughanna Carr
Taylor was a member of the Benjamin Barrow Taylor household and
the property was recorded in her name. The Bulk of it seemed to
be slaves.
Son of Benjamin Barrow Taylor
Son of John Prevatte Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevatte Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Benjamin Daniel
Born - 1858 Died 1929
Married - Birdie House, Winona, Mississippi
Born - 1874 Died - 1956
Both buried Oakgrove Cemetery, Conway, Ark.
1. - Benjamin Dan Taylor Jr.
Born - 1895 Died - 1967
Buried - Volman Cemetery, Bigelow, Ark.
Married - Janie Inez Hendrickson
Born - 1896
(a) Benjamin Edward, M.D.
Born - 1920
Married - Syble Elizabeth Boxtick - 1941
(a) Lynda Carole
Born - 1947
(b) Marsha Kay
Born - 1955 (Living in Monteca, Calif. 1968)
(b) Daniel Otto
Born - 1920
Married - Shirley Mattock, of Idaho
(a) Sharon Marie
Born - 1949
Married - Bruce Crain
(living in Lynwood, Wyoming)
(c) John Paul
Born - 1924
Was a teacher
Married - Betty Anderson (teacher) - 1943
(a) Mary Ann
Born - 1950
(b) John Bruce
Born - 1952
(c) Rebecca Joy
Born - 1965
Living in Fremont, Calif. 1968
(d) Cathy Ann Taylor
Born 1925
Married - Lyndon Mark Fowler
(a) Richard Lyndon
Born - 1954
(b) Robert Scott
Born - 1961
In 1968 living in Lubbock, Texas
(2) - Robert Love Taylor, M.D.
Born - 1904, in 1968 living in Conway, Ark.
Married - Mary Margaret Atkinson
Child: Robert Love, Jr.
(3) - Annie Louise Taylor
Born - 1901 lives in Conway, Ark.
Married - James F. Clark
(a) James Taylor Clark - dentist - Pine Bluff, Ark.
Born - 1901
Married - Polly
Children: James, Louisa, Paul
(b) Robert Louis, M.D. - Conway, Arkansas
Married - Sue Herynton
Robert Louis, Jr.
Rexie Marie
L. Rhea Taylor Sr.
Daughter of Sarah (Sallie)
Elizabeth Jones Wilson
Daughter of Mary Ann Taylor Jones
Daughter of John Prevatte Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevatte Taylor Sr.
Wilson, Ethel M.
Born - 1886
1968 Living - Conway, Arkansas
Miss Wilson's parents were Sarah (Sallie) Elizabeth Jones Wilson
Born - 1862 Died 1929 and Bailey Guess Wilson - Born 1862 died - 1939
Miss Wilson, had a sister Ava - born 1885 and died in 1914. She lives in her childhood home at Conway, Arkansas. She assisted in research and is very interested in the Moses Taylor Sr. and John
Prevatte Taylor people. Had it not been for Miss Wilson, many of the John Prevatte descendants would not have been known. Wilson, Ethel May, former college professor. The daughter of Bailey Guess and Sallie (Jones) Wilson, was born December 11, 1888 at Conway, Arkansas. Her father was a descendent of the Irish Guess family, spelled Guest in the North, Gist in Tennessee and Guess in Georgia and Mississippi. Her mother was a granddaughter of John Prevatte Taylor, who was born in New Bern, North
Carolina of Huguenot ancestry. A private Taylor cemetery is located at Duck Hill, Mississippi.
After completing ten grades of Conway Public Schools, she attended Hendrix Academy and Hendrix College in Conway with the B.A. Degree. She then received the MA degree from Vanderbilt
University and the Ph.D. degree from Northwestern University. She began her career in the educational field at Martin College, Pulaski, Tennessee, 1911-13; there taught at the Old Gallaway College,
Searcy, Arkansas, 1913-16; then at the Old Henderson-Brown College, Arkadelphia, Arkansas, 1916-18. Both of those colleges were later merged with Hendrix College at Conway, Arkansas. Later she was a member of Texas Wesleyan College, Fort Worth, Texas until 1924 when she moved to Birmingham, Alabama to become a member of the staff of Birmingham-Southern College where she was Associate Professor of French and Dean of Women until 1930. For three years she was at Bethel College, Newton Kansas as Dean of Women.
She is a member of Delta Kappa Gamma, Honor Society for Women in Education, where she was a founder of the organization in Kansas: or Honor Member of the Business and Professional Club in Conway: Of the American Association of University Women. Her religious affiliation is with the Methodist Church. (Quoted from Arkansas Lines-John L. Ferguson and Published by Arkansas Historical Society, Hopkinsville, Kentucky 1965) This is what Miss Wilson wrote L. Rhea Taylor atone time. "My grandmother Mary Ann Taylor Jones lived with my parents after the death of my grandfather in 1886, until her death in 1914. She was especially proud of her Taylor family. She told me as a child much
family history, which I wrote down the best I could when only about ten years old. That is why I have the names of her father, mother, brothers and sisters. I knew her grandfather's name was Moses Taylor, but did not have a list of his children. She was the youngest of John Prevatte Taylor's family born in Alabama after their move from Kentucky. I needed so much the information you sent about John Prevatte Taylor's brothers and sisters. This has to go on the DAR Registration. Moses Taylor having been a revolutionary war veteran has been a legend in our family."
John Prevatte Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Morehead, Charlie Louise Hartley
Born - 1886
1968 - Living in Long Beach, Mississippi
Her father Charles William Jones died 1886. Her mother - Nana Winton married the second time to Tom Markham. After her mother's death in 1902, she came to Conway, Arkansas from Little Rock, Arkansas and lived with her Aunt Mary Hughes Pence while in High School. she then went to Little Rock, Arkansas to one of her mother's sisters.
Married - four times:
1. - Maynard Leslie Hereteg in 1908 at Little Rock
Born - 1882 Died - 1918
A son: Maynard Leslie Hereleg Jr.
Born - 1909 Died 1962
Had a son and daughter.
2. - Marriage - Sam Wassel
Died - ______?
3. - Dr. Charles E. Fairman
Born_____ Died______
4. - Harry H. Morehead
A retired Army Officer (Brigadier General US Army)
Buried in Old Mexico.
Mrs. Morehead is a very brilliant woman. An author of several books the last be, "Along the Old Spanish Trail". She is a former newspaper columnist and has held many offices with the National Pen Women's and Press Woman's Association. In 1965 - was President of Mississippi Pen women's Association. Mrs. Morehead was giving me good cooperation until 1967, when I understand her sight failed. Mrs. Morehead's son was an official of the Mississippi Power and Light Company. Both her father and mother are buried in the Conway, Arkansas Cemetery. Her stepfather died while living with her at Long Beach, Mississippi. _he has held the following offices and chairmanships in the National League of American Pen Women: Fourth National Vice President, 1936- 1938.
National Recording Secretary, 1934-1936.
National Publicity Chairman, 1933-34 and 1936-38.
President Arkansas Branch, 1931- 1933.
Organizer Gulfport, Mississippi Branch, 1937.
Originator and author of Historigams, Washingotn Evening Star, Sunday Feature.
Author of Comet Sprays book of verse, and Along the Old Spanish Trail.
Correspondent Arkansas Newspaper Syndicate.
Ruby Taylor (Howard)
Daughter of William Lee Taylor
Son of Edwin Jefferson Taylor
Son of Fornifer Taylor
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevette Taylor Sr.
Dated April 12, 1934
Dear Ruby Taylor,
For as such I have very, very pleasant memories of you. Was so pleased to receive your letter. Yes, we enjoyed corresponding with your sister, Mattie, some time ago. I have not done anything in regard to our Taylor History for some months. First my husband, Judge Wassell, was taken sick right after we moved here last summer and is still under the doctor's care. At first they said he had heart trouble but thank goodness they do not think so now. Then right after arriving here, the Pen Women appointed me National Publicity Chairman and that has kept me awfully busy. We are having our Seventh Biennial Convention here April 21-28. Do wish you could come down for it. This is election year and we expect a record breaking crowd and then the same week, we have Cherry Blossom Festival which will also bring a great crowd. There is TOO MUCH DOING in Washington. I think I prefer a small town. It is like trying to keep up with a three-ring circus. I am tired all the time. Yes, you are eligible to join the DAR Through your great grandfather Moses Taylor, originally of North Carolina. I have one bar on him now, but, of course, I first came in on my Mother's Webbs. If you will get an application, and mail me after the
convention, I will try to help you fill it out. By the way, we are also having the DAR Convention next week. Washington is such a convention city that I do not try to keep up with half that is being on here.
If you should come to town, please call me at LaSalle Apts., 1028 Connecticut Ave. Phone Metropolitan 2161. Of course, while we are distant cousins, I feel that we should all stick together as Taylors and maybe we can have a family reunion in Kentucky some fine day.
Your "cousin",
(Signed) Louise H. Wassell
(See page - Hartley Morehead)
"Ruby is sister of L. Rhea Taylor, Sr."
Morehead, Louise Hartley (Taylor)
Born - 1886
Mrs. Harry H. Morehead
320 Nicholson Ave.
Long Beach, Mississippi
16 October, 1962
Dear Cousin Rhea and Family-
Your note was such a comfort to me. I am still trying to make myself understand why my son, my only child was taken by death May 25th at Ochsners Foundation Hospital, New Orleans. He had Polio
some years ago and never really recovered from it. We stayed in New Orleans for three months hoping and praying for his recovery but I presume Our Heavenly Father had other plans for him and he
did suffer terribly toward the last. I could not be selfish enough to wish him to stay and suffer but I do miss him more every day. He has a grown son and daughter and they both have children, small
ones, so I try to find my comfort doing for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. Enough about me. Please write me a letter and tell me how you and your wife and family are getting along. Would like so much to see some of you. Do you think you will come on the coast sometime soon, WHY NOT? Would be happy to see you. I live alone now and this old house just rattles around. My only close companion is an old seven year old white cat, who thinks he is "folks". With kindest regards to you and yours and hoping to hear from you soon, I am
With Affection,
Louise Hartley Morehead
1326 State Street
Bowling Green, Kentucky
December 11, 1955
Mrs. Lu Hartley Morehead
Long Beach,
My Cousin Lu;
You were most thoughtful to send us your book "The Old Spanish Trail" Along the Mississippi Gulf Coast" - It is very interesting. Wouldn't your Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr. have been
proud of such a fine intelligent granddaughter. Maybe they know anyway: I have traveled the Old Spanish Trail in Florida many times. I guess there isn't a more historical land in the United States than
that traversed by the Trail. It is filled with many joys and sorrows, many of which well- off course, never be known. This may not be appropriate but at least it is another tale of the Trail or rather a happening. I am going to tell you this story of what happened to me. Many years ago I lived in Alabama. Before
daybreak one beautiful morning, I started in my car to Pensacola. I hit the Old Spanish Trail at Cottonwood, Florida. After having driven but a few miles - something almost real warned me to turn
back. At the same time on this still beautiful morning a wind suddenly came up and almost stopped my car. I did not heed the warning. I was involved in a bad accident resulting in a broken hip. You know Cousin Lu, regardless of the warning I have since come to look upon this happening as a blessing. Maybe for this reason The Old Spanish Trail is often in my thoughts. Cousin Lu, I made another trip to new Bern, NC, some two months ago. I found nothing new on the Taylors. Within the near future
I really am going to get together in some form the information I have on them. They are somewhat of a "Lost Tribe". So few of those now living are at all interested in the past. When I begin putting the information together I hope you will have time to give me some assistance.
Thank you again and I hope to hear from you often.
L. Rhea Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Moses Jr.
Born - Craven County, North Carolina
Died - Warren County, Kentucky
Married - Sidney Marshall in 1788, New Bern, North Carolina
(Her sister, Chloe Marshall married James Taylor 1795)
1. - Moses, III
See additional information
2. - Marshall
Lived in Meade County 1865
3. - Chloe
Married - Henry Sharer, 10 June 1818, Butler County, KY.
4. - Sidney (Sidia)
Married - McCoy in 1819, Warren County, Ky.
5. - Sally
Married - A. Taylor, name unknown, had a son
Dr. Mancinni Taylor, Louisville, Ky.
They came to Warren County from New Bern, North Carolina in 1795 with the Taylor Caravan. Settled on Gasper River near what is now Hadley, Kentucky. Moses Jr. died before his wife. She went on a visit to her daughter, Chloe Sharer in Butler County, died and is buried there. A son, Marshall, was living in Meade County, Kentucky, when the Civil war was in progress. His wife was deceased. He had at least three sons and two daughters. When the Confederate Soldiers were encamped at Bowling Green, Kentucky, Marshall went there to visit his brother Moses III and left with the soldiers and was never heard from again. One of his sons was James and one John. One fought with the union Army and one with the Confederacy. After the war they visited their Uncle Moses Taylor III and his family and stayed some three months. This information from a letter of my grandmother Margaret Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of Moses III written in 1926, when she was ninety years old. She stated James and John were fine looking boys. In 1966 - Could find no descendants in Meade County.
L. Rhea Taylor Sr.
Son of Moses Jr.
Son of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Moses III
Born - 1801
Died - 1894 Warren County, Kentucky
Married - Sarah Ann McGinnis, Harrodsburg, Ky. 1828
Born - 1807
Died - 1870 Warren County, Kentucky
Buried - McGinnis-Taylor Graveyard off
Highway 231 on Jackson Mill Road
Was born and grew up in warren County. After marriage, lived in Boyle County, Kentucky, where Sarah Ann's people lived until around 1850, moving to Warren County, Kentucky (See obituaries on both).
He was well educated, interested in horticulture. Children:
1. - Margaret Elizabeth
Born - 1829, Boyle County Died - 1921 Warren County Ky
(See additional information)
Taught first school near Hadley, Kentucky
Buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, near Rockfield, Ky.
Married - Edwin J. Taylor - 1858
2. - Martha Lee (Matt)
Born - 1834 Boyle County, Ky.
Died - In Warren County, Ky.
Married - John S. Adams 1856
Born - 1833 in Warren County
He acted as a guide across plains for California settlers.
3. - Agnes A.
Born - 1837 Died - 1844
4. - Leonidas
Born - 1845 Died - infant
5. - Alice S.
Born - 1850 Died - 1897 in Warren County, Ky.
Married - Smith McGinnis - 1870
1. Sally
Married - Dee Terry
Daughter - Laura Dee Terry
612 W. Breckenridge St.
Louisville, Kentucky
2. Inez
Married - Deweese
3. Edward
Daughter - Guyhulla McGinnis Lee
Other children
In 1837, while living in Boyle County, Kentucky, took a mortgage of $100.00, on a Negro girl named Mary from James H. Moorman, Lincoln County, Kentucky. A year later paid Moorman $200.00 for Mary. Not known if she was brought to Warren County.
"Uncle" Moses Taylor 3rd one of the oldest citizens of Warren County, departed this life May 26th, 1894 at his home near Rockfield. His age was 93 years and 8 days. He had been a long sufferer with that dreadful disease consumption. The funeral services were conducted from his residence by Bro. Rye, and the remains were carried to the old family burying ground, near Hadley, and laid to rest. He leaves
three daughters, all of whom reside in warren County: Mrs. Edward J. Taylor; Mrs. John Adams and Mrs. Smith McGinnis and five (5) grandchildren (all of whom are grown) and three (3) great grand-
children. He bore his afflictions without a murmur and was perfectly ready and willing to meet his Savior, who hath said "Thy will be done". To his relatives I would say, find consolation in God's blessed word. When a person of advanced years, as this old man was, is called from us, it seems that we can almost hear uttered the words: "Tho hast fought a good fight; enter thou into the Kingdom of the Lord". The flower is matured, the time of a gleaner is at hand, and we cannot but expect it is to be reaped by the sickle keen. But, yet how startling is the thought to us that this day is the time. May God comfort your sad hearts.
(Signed) A Friend.
Died at 93. Moses Taylor 3rd died Friday May 26, 1894 at his home in
the Rockfield vicinity of causes incident to old age and was buried
Saturday. He was, perhaps the oldest man in the county, being in his
93rd year. Mr. Taylor moved here from Boyle County years ago and has
since resided in the Rockfield vicinity. He had led a useful and
honorable life and died respected by all who knew him.
The following obituary of Sarah L. Taylor, wife of Moses Taylor 3rd is from a Bowling Green newspaper account and is pasted in Bible owned by Dixie D. (Taylor) Kington, Alvaton, Kentucky.
Sarah L. Taylor, wife of Moses Taylor 3rd was born in Boyle County, Kentucky on August 3, 1801 and died in warren County, Kentucky on April 14, 1870. She embraced religion in her 17th year and joined the M.F. Church and lived a consistent member until her death. Some 20 years ago she removed from Boyle to Warren County. From that date the writer has been personally acquainted with Sister Taylor
and knew her to be a pious, devoted Christian, always attending on the means of grace when in her power though her opportunities were limited. In her last illness she gave satisfactory evidence
of her readiness for death. She spoke of death and of heaven, and the joys of the eternal world. She told her husband and children that she was ready and willing to die, and expected them all to meet her in heaven. Thus passed away Sister Taylor, after a life of 45 years spent in the service of God. The estimation in which she held in the community was proved by the large attendance at her burial. Her end was peace.
Wm. Sublett
Methodist Minister
He - Son of Fornifer
She - Daughter of Moses III
He - Son of James
He - Son of Moses Jr.
Both Sons of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevatte Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Margaret Elizabeth
Taylor, Edwin Jefferson
(Double Cousins)
Taylor, Edwin J. - Born - Warren County, Ky.
Born - 1833 Died - 1897
Married - Margaret Elizabeth Taylor - Boyle Co., Ky.
Born - 1829 Died - 1921
Married July 14, 1858 - Warren County, Ky.
Both buried - Pleasant Hill Cemetery, near Rockfield, Ky.
1. William Lee (Bud) Taylor - See additional information.
2. Charles Edwin Taylor - See additional information.
Edwin J. was a farmer, an active Mason. He originally owned the old Moses Taylor Sr., land and home on Gasper River near Hadley, Ky. Sold out in 1884 and moved near Petros, Ky., just off Highway # 68,
Russellville Road. In 1896 - moved to farm 1 1/2 miles north of Rockfield, Ky. on Highway # 68. Both died there. Edwin J., was an old time Democrat and loved politics. In fact he was riding a horse electioneering when he caught preumonia and passed away. The first thing L. Rhea Taylor can remember is seeing him in his casket. He was a son of Fornifer Taylor and Mary Polly McGinnis. She was the daughter of Moses Taylor III and Sarah Ann McGinnis. They were Double cousins. Moses III and Fornifer Taylor were first cousins. Sarah Ann McGinnis was the mother of Margaret Elizabeth whose father was Jesse McGinnis of Mercer County, Ky. and Edwin J. Taylor's mother was Mary Polly McGinnis, daughter of Hezekiah McGinnis, Warren County. Jesse and Hezekiah Sr., were brothers. Margaret Elizabeth taught one of the first schools near Hadley. They were grandparents of L. Rhea Taylor Sr. She lived nearby when I was a young boy in the county and was my protector when my mother got after me. She was my pride and joy and what a wonderful cook.
L. Rhea Taylor Sr.
Son of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevatte Taylor Sr.
Taylor, James
Born - 1769 Craven County, North Caroline
Died - 1849 Warren County, Kentucky
Buried on Hill above his old home on Richlieu Road.
Married - Chleo Marshall - somewhere in Kentucky 1795
Born - 1772 Craven County, North Carolina
Died - 1849
They married somewhere in Kentucky during the Moses Taylor Sr's.
migration from Craven County, North Carolina to Warren County,
Kentucky in 1795.
1. Fornifer
Born - 1798 Died - 1834 (see additional information)
2. John
Born - 1796
3. William
Born - 1796 (see additional information) TWINS
4. James Moses
Born - 1800
Died young - He was not mentioned in father's will 1850.
5. Sidney
Born - 1807
Married - John B. Davidson in 1829
No further information
6. Edwin
Born - 1809
Died - Butler County (Mr. B.D.Taylor, Morgantown,
Kentucky is a descendent)
(1st) Married - Mary A. Day - 1833 Butler County, Ky.
(2nd) Married - Hester J. Causey - 1850 Butler County, Ky.
7. Ester
Born - 1805
Married - Henry Talbutt, whose son Ed. T. Talbutt furnished the information on the Moses Taylor Sr., family to Mrs. William Sylvester Taylor - (wife of former Kentucky Governor.) Had he not done so, little of Taylor history could have been written. He knew all his mother's brothers and sisters. He and his wife died of pneumonia one day apart. There was a double funeral at the Providence Knob Baptist Church, Warren County, Kentucky.
They had no children.
8. ???(note in book, # 8 was not shown)
9. Sylvester
Born - 1811 (see additional information)
James Taylor's estate was settled in 1850, and distribution made among his children.
Chloe, was on visit to her daughter, Chloe Sharer, Butler County, Kentucky, died and was buried there.
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevatte Taylor Sr.
Taylor, William Sr.
Born - 1796
Died - 1850, Warren County, Kentucky
Married - Amelia R. Ramsey in 1817 (also Emily)
Born - 1796 Died - 1852
1. James Booker (see further information)
2. William H. (see further information)
3. John W.
Married - Matilda Kuykendall - 1849 Butler County, Kentucky
(see further information)
4. Hester Ann (see further information)
5. Chloe Caroline
Married - Henry Sharer - 1858 Butler County, Ky.
(a) Lewellen J. Sharer
(b) Emily L. Sharer
William and John twins. William Sr. cut his leg with an ax and bled to death. A doctor was called, but arrived after he died. On his tombstone is inscribed, "Tell the Doctor not to worry as he had gone to his maker".
Buried Taylor graveyard, Richolieu Road.
Son of William Taylor Sr.
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, William H. Jr.
Born - 1823 Died - 1888
Lived at Rockfield, Ky.
Married - Carolyn Adams - 1848
Born - 1830 Died - 1912
1. Eleanor
Born - 1849 Died - 1924
Married - William Runner
(a) Mrs. George Potter
(b) William Runner, Jr.
2. Vehella
Born - 1851
3. William
Born - 1859
4. Emily E.
Born - 1861 - Married M. Tom Moss - 1812 (called Battie)
5. John Q.
Born - 1853
6. Minnie Bell
Born - 1869, Married, _____Rone
7. Rosa Nell
Born - 1875 Died 1964
8. Jimmie D.
Born - 1869
Married - Della Curd - 1891
Lived at Rockfield, Ky.
Both buried - Fairview Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ky.
(a) Mary Genevieve - No children
(b) John Quincy
Married - Frances Ruth Hayden - 1926
Son - John Quincy
(c) Winn Courts - Lives Louisville, Ky.
has children: Will Knight - deceased
Lived in Louisville, Ky, had children.
Daughter of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Chloe
Born - Warren County, Kentucky
Died - Butler County, Kentucky
Married - Henry Sharer, in 1818, Butler County
(1) Henry Milton
Born 1846 Died 1870
(2) Elizabeth
Born 1850
They had six children. Many descendants in Butler County. Sharer's originally came from Maryland.
Chile's mother Chloe (wife of James Taylor came to visit her in Butler County, died and is buried there. The Sharer's have been one of the best known families in Butler County.
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, William H. Sr.
Born - 1796, Died 1850 Warren County, Kentucky
Married - Amelia Ramsey - 1852
Born - 1796 Died - 1852
1. Hester Ann
Born 1826 Died 1910
Married - William Smith - 1854
Born - 1823 Died - 1902
(a) Carolyn Zelma
Born 1845 Died 1919
Married - John Runner - 1860
Born - 1845 Died - 1901
1. Eva Ella
Born - 1867 Died 1918
Married - George Newton
Born 1865 Died 1956
(A) Ruby Newton
Born 1895 Died 1960
Married - Keith Lawrence
Born 1893 Died 1960
(1) Robert Lawrence - Born 1916
Married - Edith Hays - 1935
(a) Robert Stanley Lawrence
(b) Larry Thomas Lawrence
(2) John Lawrence - Born 1918
Married - Rose Wright - 1943
A - 4 boys and 1 girl
(3) Evelyn - Born 1921
Married - Glynden Page
(a) Ann
Married - William D. Scott in 1954.
1. Kimbrey
2. Angela
(b) Terry - Born 1953
(c) Rose Mary - Born 1953
(B) John R.
Born 1897 Died 1966
Married - Carmen Scott, living 1968
(C) Hettie
Born - 1898
Married - Enid T. Howard, Born 1896
(D) Eileen
Born - 1901
Married - Briggs Hop
(E) Fred
Born 1903 Died 1961
Married - Fairy Manning, living 1968
(F) Earl
Died in infancy
(G) Zelma
Born - 1907
Married - Youell Barks
(b)Thomas J.
Born - 1852 Died 19_9
Married - Sarah Antholine Wiley
1. William Chester
Born 1880 Died 1918
2. Henry Garvin
Born 1882 Died 1906
3. Thomas
Born 1884
4. Martha Lee
Born - 1896
5. Mark
Born - 1896
6. Anna Lura
Born - 1888 Died 1955
Daughter - Louise Shrayer
7. Josephine
Born 1882 Died 1908
Married _____Smith
Son - Barnett
2. Charles Runner (brother to Eva Ella)
Married - Ella Davenport
They had three children
3. Hettie Briggs Runner (Sister to Eva Ella)
Married - Harry Strum
Daughter - Nina
Married - J. G. Taylor
(A) Jane Taylor
Married - Dee Stokes
(B) Eleanor Taylor
Married - _____Moore Live at Greenville, Ky.
Added information:
This information came too late to add to previous pages.
Eileen Newton Hugg, daughter of Eva Ella and George Newton had one daughter, Joan Huff. Her first marriage was to Major Kenneth Green who was killed in World War II. They had a son, Kenneth Jr.
who presently works for Associated Press in Virginia. Joan Huff's second marriage was to Russell Goddard. They are living in Russellville, Kentucky at present. They had a daughter, Jana and a son
Griggs Goddard. Fred Newton son of Eva Ella and George Newton. Fred married Fairy Manning, who is now living in Bowling Green, Kentucky. They had three children, James Earl - now living in Bowling Green; George Thomas - now living in Bowling Green; and May Yvonne married Robert Whitson and they are now residing in Louisville, Kentucky. Zelma Newton daughter of Eva Ella and George Newton married Youree Barks. They had a daughter Patricia Ann who married Delbert Spouse who is an Airman First Class and is now stationed in Tennessee. Robert Stanley Lawrence and Larry Lawrence sons of Robert Lawrence, son of Ruby Newton and Keith Lawrence both live in Bowling Green. Larry married Eva Sue Coates. Evelyn Lawrence Page (Mrs. Glynden Page) daughter of Ruby Newton and Keith Lawrence has three daughters; Mrs. Ann Scott of Morgantown, Teresa, and Rosemary. John Lawrence son of Ruby Newton and Keith Lawrence married Rose Wright an English war bride had four sons; Jerry Lawrence married Roberta Bobbitt now living in Butler County; Philip Lawrence and Michael who married Caroline and they are now living in Indianapolis, Indiana.
August 29, 1967
Morgantown, Kentucky
Dear Mr. Taylor
I have just read your wonderful book on the Taylor family loaned to me by Judge White, who is my husband's great-uncle by marriage. My grandmother, Ruby Lawrence was a sister to Mrs. Enid Howard
(mentioned in your book.) My grandmother passes away in 1960. If she had known of your search for the Taylor Family, she would have been delighted to help you. I have just recently started on my Genealogy. I am the daughter of Evelyn Lawrence. I married William D. Scott. My husband attends
Western University. I work at the Warren Rural Electric Co-op in Morgantown, Kentucky. We have two daughters ages 5 and 7. Aunt Hett Howard had told me of your book, and since I had just started working on family history, you can imagine how I have enjoyed reading your book. My grandmother wrote some things down for me concerning family history. It doesn't go back any farther than Hester Ann Taylor. The following is a quote from what she left me: "I should have told you great-grandmother Hester, and I often wish you children could have seen her, But I will describe her and you will have an
idea - She was of medium height, had dark hair and snapping black eyes. I say black, but I mean dark. I guess she wore a tall black comb in her hair, a Spanish comb, and a bright red shawl. I have seen pictures of Senoritas that make me think of her. "My grandmother went on to say that she had a tumor of the stomach and her husband took care of her and then her daughter, Zelma Caroline, took care of her. According to what my grandmother wrote Hester's daughter, Josephine was quite a gal. My grand-mother said she wore a boyish bob and was a restless person. She married a smith and had one son. I have some more pages concerning Hester, much the same as above in story form. My grandmother Lawrence's family came from Barren Co. I have written to a Mrs. Grinstead at Oakland concerning his family. I don't have very much time to devote to my family history, but I am enjoying every minute I can squeeze from necessary daily life. Would it be possible for me to buy one of your books? If so please
forward information concerning where I can get the book and the price. Thank you for taking time and effort to compile the Taylor history. I would be interested in anything you have concerning them. If I
can ever do anything here in Butler County, please let me know.
Yours truly
/s/ Mrs. William D. Scott (Anne)
P.O. Box 133
Morgantown, Kentucky
Son of William Taylor Sr.
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, John W.
Born - 1825 Died - 1863
Born in Warren County, Kentucky
Married - Matilda Kuykendall, Butler County, Kentucky
1. Kelly
A stock trader and farmer
Buried - Bowling Green, Kentucky
Married - Jennie Belle Sweeney
(A) Jesse
(B) Helen
Married - Willis Duncan Thompson. Atlanta, Georgia.
Daughter - Mary South
2. Elvis
Died and buried - Morgantown, Kentucky
For years was a Butler County official.
3. Pearl
Married - Alan Gentry
4. Columbia
Married - George Leach Sr. A prominent Morgantown merchant
There were nine (9) children.
5. Mary Dee
Died - Cullman, Alabama
Married - Charles Taylor
She was born - 1858, died 1890 Cullman, Ala.
He was a school teacher.
See further information under Dixie Dee Kington
6. (miss) Johnnie
Married - Curd Clark
Lived at Rockfield, Ky. - Had one son who was accidentally killed when his gun went off as he was climbing a fence.
Buried - Butler County.
7. Emma
Married - Dick Butler, Hadley, Ky.
8. Guyhulla - (a man)
Lived and died in Butler County, Ky. After his sister Johnnie Clark's husband died she came to Butler County and lived with him and is buried in Butler County.
Son of Edwin J. Taylor
Son of Fornifer Taylor
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevatte Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Charles Edwin
Born - 1858 in Warren County, Kentucky
Died - 1902 - in Cullman, Alabama
First married - Mary Dee Taylor of Butler County, Kentucky in 1889.
They were cousins. He left Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1889 for Cullman, Alabama where he information.
Second Marriage - Missie Wilhite, Cullman Alabama, in 1891
Died - 1914 Buried - Cullman, Alabama.
1. - Major Maud
Born - 1892 Died - 1895
2. - Maurice Edwin
Born - 1895 (see additional information)
3. - Otavia Madge
Born - 1902 (see additional information)
Daughter of Charles Edwin Taylor
Son of Edwin Jefferson Taylor
Son of Fornifer Taylor
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Kington, Dixie Dee (Taylor)
Born - 1890 Cullman, Alabama
Married - Kirby Kington - 1912, Alvaton, Ky.
Born - 1886 - Died 1957
Dixie's mother was Mary Dee Taylor, daughter of John Taylor, son of James, son of Moses Taylor Sr. Her mother died when she was a baby at Cullman, Ala. she was reared by her grandmother, Margaret Elizabeth (Taylor) and her uncle, William Lee (Bud) Taylor of Warren County, Ky. Dixie is very much a Taylor, having descended from both Moses Taylor Sr's sons James and Moses Jr.. Also, her mother was a Taylor. She graduated from Western Kentucky Teachers Collage and taught school before marriage.
1. John H. - Born 1917 - Died 1926
2. Willard Taylor - Born 1913 - never married lives at Alvaton, Ky.
3. Elvis - Born 1915, Living Louisville, Ky. - 1966
Married - Mary Nelise sims - 1944
(A) Vicki Ann - Born 1947 - Student Western
Kentucky Collage - 1966.
(B) John H. - Born 1949
(C) Mary Jane - Born 1951
Moses Taylor Sr. Moses Taylor Sr. Moses Taylor Sr.
James Taylor Moses Taylor Jr. James Taylor
Fornifer Taylor Moses Taylor 3rd William Taylor Sr
Edwin Jefferson Taylor Margaret Elizabeth Taylor John Taylor
Edwin Jefferson married his cousin, Margaret Elizabeth. Their son, Charles Edwin married his cousin, Mary Dee, Daughter of John Taylor. All this makes Dixie the Taylor of Taylor's. No finer person living.
/s/L. Rhea Taylor Sr. - 1966
Edwin Jefferson and Margaret Elizabeth were also McGinnis cousins.
Daughter of Charles Edwin Taylor
Son of Edward Jefferson Taylor
Son of Fornifer Taylor
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Otavia Madge
Born - 1901 - Living Houston, Texas - 1966
Married - James Finck - 1923 in Texas, born - 1900
1. - Mary Margaret Finck
Married - Joe A. Keller, Houston, Texas. No children - 1954.
2. - James M. Finck, Jr.
Married - Ruth Lacey, Topeka, Kansas. No children - 1954.
1954 Information:
Jr. works for Santa Fe R.R. Co. - Night Wire Chief.
Joe Kelly is with Houston Light and Power Co.
Mr. Finck was with Sinclair Refining Co. for 33 years. (Deceased)
Madge is L. Rhea Taylor Sr's first cousin. She has a brother,
Maurice Taylor, Cumberland, Md., also a half sister Dixie Dee (Taylor)
Kington, Alvaton, Ky.
Moses Sr Moses Sr.
James Moses Jr.
Fornifer Moses 3rd
Edwin J. Margaret Elizabeth
Edwin married Margaret Elizabeth
Were parents of Charles Edwin, Father of Madge. They were McGinnis cousins as well as Taylors. Madge was a beautiful Girl.
Son of Charles Edwin Taylor
Son of Edward Jefferson Taylor
Son of Fornifer Taylor
Son of James Taylor
Son Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Maurice Edwin
Born - 1896
Living Cumberland, Md. in 1966 (1100 Kentucky Ave)
Married - Ruth M. Bush - 1917, Cumberland, Md.
Daughter - Geneva Ruth Taylor
Born - 1919
Married - Lonnie Z. Witherington Jr. of
Orangeburg, SC in 1914 at Atlanta, Ga.
Mr. Witherington is an officer in the US Army.
1. Lonnie Z. Jr.----------1944
2. Patricia R.-------------1946
3. Maurice E.------------ 1949
4. Marianna C.---------- 1950
5. Marjorie Sue--------- 1952
6. Christopher Gerard 1954
Maurice has a sister Octea Madge Finch, Houston, Texas and a half sister, Dixie Dee kington, Alvaton, Kentucky. A first cousin of L. Rhea Taylor Sr., Bowling Green, Kentucky.
He was with the B & O Railroad for many years.
Moses Sr. Moses Sr.
James Moses Jr.
Fornifer Moses 3rd
Edwin J. Margaret Elizabeth
Edwin J. married Margaret Elizabeth, Parents of Charles Edwin, Father of Maurice. They were McGinnis cousins as well as Taylors.
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, John
Born - 1798
Died - 1860 - Warren County
Married - Ann Burger - 1829
Son - Milton Taylor
Born - 1837
Married - Harriett Robinson
1. Margaret
2. Thomas
Milton, lived and died on Old Scottsville Road, near Greenwood (Warren County) - some years ago a lady now living at Old home-stead phoned me about Milton, states they had unearthed a stone used as a walkway, that was Milton's headstone. As with so many county graveyards - his had been destroyed.
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Fornifer
Born - 1798 Died - 1834, Born and reared near Hadley, Kentucky.
Buried - McGinnis-Taylor graveyard near Gasper River.
(1st) Married - Mrs. Sally Brown - 1824, She had a son, James Brown, after his mother died went to White County, Illinois, to live with relatives. A property settlement was made.
(2) Married - Mary Polly McGinnis - 1827, Born 1807 Died 1853
Daughter of Hezikah McGinnis, who came to Warren from Mercer County. Had considerable property and not withstanding a family, went to war in 1812 and was killed. A brother, Jesse Mcginnis, remained in Mercer County and whose daughter, Sarah Ann married Moses Taylor III.
1. James Hezekiah
Married - Dora Lucas
Their daughter - married a Dodson, lives in Nashville,
2. Mary Fornifer, Born - 1834 Died - 1893
Married - William Helman McGinnis, Mercer County,
Died there and buried at Bethel Church Cemetery, had several children, one of whom was Ivy Lee. Ivy Lee's family consisted of several children, one of whom
is Oliver McGinnis - born 1878. He has been Sheriff and County Court Clark of Mercer County. In 1856 - Mary Fornifer sold her interest in her father's estate
to her brother Edwin J.
Children of Ivy McGinnis and Ella Catlett (Born - 1878)
1. Oliver - married Elizabeth Harris
2. Glenn - married Lorraine Reid
3. William - married Selma Sims
4. Clyde - married Claude Leach
5. Mary - married _____Paris
3. Edwin J. (see additional information)
4. William (Grundy) - (see additional information)
1. William (Bud) Lee Taylor
Born - 1867 Died - 1933
Married - Mary Belle McGuire - 1891
Born - 1872 Died - 1941
Both buried Fairview Cemetery, Bowling Green, Kentucky. He was a land owner and public official for (32) years. Was very devoted to his Elk and I.O.O.F. lodges. He had a wide acquaintance. A
Democrat. Literally disliked for the word Republican to be mentioned in his home. (What a change from today) (1968) Modern life did not impress him too much. He detested pretense. His word was his
bond. Hot or cold, he never came to the table unless his hair was freshly combed and with his coat on. He knew most every person and their history in Warren County, Kentucky. If living, we would know most of the Taylor descendent in Warren for the past 100 years.
Their Children:
1. Mary Lee Taylor, Born - 1892 Died - 1946
Married - Richard T. Cassidy, 1916
Mary Lee was a beautiful woman. A graduate of Western State University. Was for many years, secretary to Bowling Green, Kentucky School Superintendent. At the time of her death in Washington DC, she was secretary to one of the high officials of the Archives Division US Senate. Very intelligent. A constant reader of good books. Children:
(a) David (Taylor) Cassidy
Born - 1922
In 1968 living Washington, DC
Married - Edith Daniels, Miami, Florida Born - 1922
A son William David Cassidy, Born - 1962 David is a graduate of Washington University Washington DC He was a Navy Lieutenant, in Government service, Washington DC all his business life.
(b) Thomas Richard (Dick)
Born - 1917
Died -1968- South Vietnam
Married - Sally Ann Okin 1947 - Washington DC
Born - 1926, Washington, DC
Richard (Dick) received appointment to the Government Printing Office, Washington DC - After High School Bowling Green, Kentucky. He served (5) years apprenticeship and was graduated as a Master Printer. Soon after he enlisted World War II and was in several European battles. Came out without an injury. Received a Medal of Commendation for bravery. (per page 74) During his apprenticeship he
attended night school at Washington University A. B. Degree. Later receiving Masters Degree from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Michigan as well as, a degree in Literary Science. Served first
as an assistant Librarian at university of Oregon, then with US Government Library in Alaska. Many years with Medical Library, US Washington DC Has been in Library Science US Government as a volunteer since 1967 in Vietnam. Has spent most of his spare moments in reading literature to improve his knowledge.
2. Mattie Edwin Taylor
Born - 1897, in 1968 living in Bowling Green , Kentucky, Never married. Was secretary in her brother, L. Rhea Taylor's Insurance Office, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Later for many years was secretary to Insurance Offices in Virginia. Now retired. Everybody makes friends with her at once.
3. Ruby Elaine (Taylor) Howard
Born - 1894
In 1968 living Lake Wales, Florida. Has a home in Miami.
(1st) Married - George Ruetger in Pennsyvania. Deceased.
(2nd) Married - John K. Howard of Boston, Mass. -
Miami, Fla. in 1962.
No Children.
Ruby is a graduate of University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Has been going to various Universities for special courses many times. Over the years has taught school in Pennsylvania also at West Palm Beach and Miami, Florida. Is an outstanding Orthanelogist and has been connected with the Bird Sanctuary at Lake Wales, Florida. Though of independent means is now again teaching since her husband's death in 1966.
Son of Mary Lee (Taylor)Cassidy
Daughter of William Lee Taylor
Son of Edwin Jefferson Taylor
Son of Fornifer Taylor
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Cassidy, Thomas Richard
Headquarters European Theater of Operations United States Army Number: 74420 (Censored)
With the 8th Infantry Division East of the Rhine----Private First Class Thomas R. Cassidy, son of Mrs. Mary Lee Cassidy 1301 Mass. Ave., NW, Washington, DC has been awarded the Bronze Star Metal for Achievement against the enemy in Germany. The citation accompanying the award stated in part:
"Crawling 100 yards towards an enemy machine guns placement, Private Cassidy killed one enemy machine gunner and covered the advance of the squad enabling them to take the enemy position. His great courage and bravery were in accordance with the highest traditions of the military service."
4. L. Rhea Taylor Sr.
Born - 1894
In 1968 living in Bowling Green, Kentucky
Married - Marcette winston Ray - 1923
Born - 1894
A Son:
L. Rhea Taylor Jr.
Born - 1932 - Louisville, Kentucky
Rhea, Sr. born in Warren County, Kentucky. education: Ogden College, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Insurance Institute of America, Graduate of Modern Business, Alexander Hamilton Institute (Twice revised). Higher Accounting, Law, Salesmanship, LaSalle Extension University. After World War I - in France - began business with small automobile finance companies. Later Assistant Regional Manager of one of the largest finance companies. Then for them as supervisor. Much of the territory from the
Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico obtaining business and establishing offices. In those days both the Finance and Automobile was in its infancy. This was a most interesting experience and I retain many happy memories of people and experiences. Since 1934 to 1964 in General Insurance and Automobile Loan Business, Bowling Green, Kentucky. L. Rhea Taylor Jr. took over the Insurance Business. Am most grateful for the many good things that have come to me.
Marcette, is a graduate of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. She did concert work both voice and piano. Organized Womans Music Club, Bowling Green, Kentucky and for many years was Choir Director of the First Presbyterian Church. Her father was P.W. Ray, nationally known showman, trainer, judge and dealer in (5) gaited show horses. He won many blue ribbons thoughout the county. He usually wore a swallow-tail coat, derby hat and a red rose bud in his coat lapel. When a young girl, Marcette assisted her father in training show horses and showing them.
Son - L. Rhea Taylor Jr.
Born 1932
In 1968 living in Bowling Green, Kentucky
(1st) Married - Mary Sue Tannel - 1952
Born - 1932 (Divorced)
(a) - L. Rhea Taylor III
Born - 1957
(b) - Mary Sue Taylor
Born - 1960
(c) - Marcotte (Marke) Ray Taylor
Born - 1953
For whom this story of the people of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr. is dedicated. Marki has been with her grandparents, Marcotte and L. Rhea Taylor Sr., since an infant and love for her. She is a Junior member of the Huegnot Society.
(2nd) Married - Pearl Huitt Hayter, Louisville, Ky. - 1964
Born - ?????
Rhea Jr. is graduate of Western State University, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Retired as Captain of National Guard 1967. Was for several years Commander. When at Western University was Captain
of Pershing Rifle Drill Team. Was Kentucky Mosse of the Year. Has almost completed work for C.P.C.U. Degree, the highest degree in the Fire and Casualty Insurance Business. Is engaged in General
Insurance Business, Bowling Green, Kentucky.
2. - Charles Edwin Taylor
Born - 1858 Died - 1902 - Cullman, Alabama
(1st) Married - Mary Dee Taylor - 1889 - Daughter of John
Taylor, Son of James, Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevatte
Taylor Sr. (cousins)
He attended private schools in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Going to Cullman, Alabama to teach. Mary Dee died when daughter Dixie Dee Taylor Kington was born.
(2nd) Married - Missie Wilhite, Cullman, Alabama 1894
Died - 1914 Buried - Cullman, Alabama
(a) - Major Maude
Died - 1895
(b) - Maurice Edwin
Born - 1896
In 1968 living in Cumberland, Md.
Married - Ruth M. Bush 1917, Cumberland, Md.
He was with the (B &O) Railroad for many years. He has a sister Octea Madge (TAylor) Finck and a half sister, Dixie Dee Taylor Kington. A first cousin of L. Rhea Taylor Sr.
Maurice (Lineage)
Moses Taylor sr. Moses Taylor Sr.
James Taylor Moses Taylor Jr.
Fornifor Taylor Moses Taylor III
Edwin J. Taylor Margaret Elizabeth Taylor
Charles Edwin Taylor
A Daughter:
Geneva Ruth Taylor
Married - Lonnie Z. Witherington Sr. of Orangeburg,
South Carolina in 1914 at Atlanta, Georgia.
(a) Lonnie Z. Jr. Born 1944
(b) Patricia R. Born 1946
(c) Maurice E. Born 1949
(d) Marianna C. Born 1950
(e) Margorie Sue Born 1952
(f) Christopher Gerard Born 1954
Mr. Witherington is an officer in the United States Army.
2. - Octea Madge (born - Cullman, Alabama)
Born - 1901
In 1968 living in Houston, Texas
Married - James Finck - 1923. In Texas.
Born - 1900 (deceased)
(a) Mary Margaret Finck
Married - Joe A. Keller, Houston, Texas.
(b) James M. Finck Jr.
Married - Ruth Lacey Topeka, Kansas - 1954
In 1966 James Jr. was with Santa Fe Railroad
Joe Keller with Houston Light and Power Co.
Mr. Finck was with Sinclair Refining Company for 33 years.
After Madge's father's death she lived in Warren County with
her grandmother - Margaret Elizabeth Taylor. Madge was a lovely
Taylor, Mary Lee, Mattie Edwin, Ruby E., L. Rhea Taylor Sr.
Moses Taylor Sr. Moses Taylor Sr.
Born - 1729-30 Born - 1729
Died - 1819 Died - 1819
Married - Elizabeth Prevette Married - Elizabeth Prevette
Married - 1764
Died - 1838
Moses Taylor Jr. James Taylor
Married - Sidney Marshall 1789 Born 1769 Died 1849
Married - Chloe Marshall 1795
Moses Taylor III Fornifor Taylor
Born 1801 Died 1894 Born 1798 Died 1834
Married - Sarah Ann McGinnis 1828 Married, Mary Polly McGinnis
Born - 1807 Died - 1870 Born 1807 Died 1853
Margaret Elizabeth Taylor Edwin J. Taylor
Born 1829 Died 1921 Born 1829 Died 1897
Married, Edwin J. Taylor 1858 Married Margaret Elizabeth Taylor
Margaret Elizabeth married her cousin, Edwin J. Taylor.
(a) William Lee Taylor
(Father of Mary Lee, Mattie Edwin, Ruby E. and L. Rhea Taylor Sr.)
(b) Charles Edwin Taylor
(Father of Dixie Kington, Maurice Taylor and Madge Finck)
Charles Edwin and Margaret Elizabeth were also McGinnis cousins - Sarah Ann McGinnis, daughter of Jesse McGinnis, Mercer County, Kentucky. Mary Polly McGinnis, Daughter of Hezekiah McGinnis,
Warren County, Kentucky. Jesse and Hezekiah were Brothers.
Since both of the great-grandmothers of Mary Lee, Mattie, Ruby, L. Rhea Taylor Sr. were McGinnis, I am taking the liberty of adding something about them:
Hezekiah McGinnis
Born - 1760
Daughter - Mary Polly
Born - 1807 Died 1853
Married - Fornifor Taylor
Born 1798 Died 1834
His son - Edwin J. Taylor
Born 1833 Died 1897
Jesse McGinnis
Born 1740
Daughter - Sarah
Married - Moses Taylor III in 1828
Born 1801 Died 1891
Daughter: Margaret Elizabeth
Born 1809 Died 1921
Edwin J. and his cousin Margaret Elizabeth were cousins. Also, Taylor cousins. Hezekiah and Jesse were brothers. Both were reared in Boyle County, Kentucky. Both had large families. Hezekiah came to Warren County and not withstanding - his family land, including slaves went to war with Andrew Jackson - in 1812 and was killed in battle of New Orleans. Was he tired of his wife? After his death she rented out slaves. Jesse McGinnis remained in Boyle County and was a large land owner. He had several sons-in-law. At his death he left it up to the Court to manage his daughters interests. I traced the effort of Moses III, his wife Sarah L. and her brothers effort through several courts in attempt to get released from the Court appointed administrator. I never learned the out come.
L. Rhea Taylor Sr. 1968
Son of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Joseph Sr.
Born - 1765 Died - 1819
Married - Mary Slade 1785 - at New Bern, NC
She was of a very distinguished family. They came to Kentucky with parents in 1795. Lived first in warren County, later moving to Butler County, Kentucky. Buried at Slaty Creek Baptist Church
burial ground near Beaver Dam, Kentucky. His son Alfred a renowned Baptist Minister is also buried there and has a monument erected to his memory. Joseph Sr. also lived in Ohio County. Joseph
Sr. a Baptist Minister and one of the organizers of Providence Knob Baptist Church in 1804 in Warren County, Kentucky.
Names of daughters, if any not known.
1. John S. Taylor
Born 1793 Died 1829
1. Stephen Taylor
2. Burrell Taylor
Both were Baptist ministers.
Both lived in Graves County, Ky.
2. Stephen Taylor
Born 1804 Died 1875
1. Slade Taylor - a Baptist minister
Born - 1846
3. Joseph Taylor Jr.
Born 1800 Died 1885
Moved to Texas in 1869
Buried - Sweetwater, Texas
1. John Taylor
Born 1821 Died 1908
He was the first white child born in Graves County, Ky.
Sons: 1. Hardee Taylor
2. Milton Taylor
Both of Graves County, Ky.
2. Alfred Taylor
Born 1836 Died 1909
Had seven sons and seven daughters.
(a) Robert Taylor - Wingo County, Ky.
(b) Charles Taylor - Wingo County, Ky.
(c) Virgil Taylor - Wingo County, Ky.
(d) Ed Taylor - Baptist Minister
(e) Kelly Taylor - Baptist Minister
(f) Richard Taylor - merchant
(g) Hardee Taylor - moved to Tenn.
3. Richard P. Taylor
Born 1825 Died 1899
Had 4 sons:
(a) Ed T. Taylor - Mayfield, Ky.
1. Jewell Taylor
He lived - Birmingham, Ala.
(b) Richard P. Taylor
(c) Dr. F. S. Taylor - West Plains, Ky.
(d) Alfred P. Taylor - Graves County, Ky.
4. T. R. Taylor
A Baptist Minister of Oklahoma
5. Capt. F. M. Taylor
Born 1844
Was in Civil War
Went to Houston, Texas to live.
6. Dr. Slade Taylor
Born - 1849
Went to Dallas, Texas to live.
A grandson - J. Carroll McConnell
Ft. Worth, Texas.
4. Alfred Taylor
Born 1808 Died 1865
He was a very prominent Baptist minister. He was wed three times.
First wife, married in Butler County, Ky. in September 22, 1835. Her name was Mary Ann Mahon.
Second wife Margorie Brown - wed her in Ohio County in 1852.
Third wife - Eliz Gordon whom he wed in Daviess County, Kentucky in 1859.
Alfred Taylor preached at great revivals. He was highly respected for his great ability. I do not know which of his wives mothered which of his children. But I know he had at least five sons and two daughters.
Their names were:
1. - Hettie Taylor
2. - Susan R. (Taylor) Grubbs
3. - Judson S. Taylor - Baptist Minister
4. - J. Pendleton Taylor - Baptist Minister
Had a daughter - her name Mary Taylor Gatlin lived in Washington, DC
5. - Dr. Virgil M. Taylor
6. - Sam Taylor
7. - W. C. Taylor
Born 1845 Died 1888 Russellville, Kentucky
He was a Baptist Minister.
He had three sons named:
(a) Boyce Taylor
A Baptist Minister in Murray, Ky.
(b) Fred Taylor, an educator
(c) W. C. Taylor Jr.
He was a Baptist Missionary to Brazil South America.
Descendants of Joseph Taylor Sr.
Son of Moses and Elizabeth
Prevette Taylor Sr.
"Joseph Taylor, native of North Carolina, in 1795 went to Warren
County, 1811 to Butler County."
"Alfred, son of Joseph, born Warren County, July 1808, preached in Green River Area; married 1835, served Beaver Dam, Ohio County, as pastor three or four different times; married three times; three
sons were Baptist preachers; Judson S. Taylor, James P. Taylor, Wm. C. Taylor who wrote a 123 page biography of his father."
(Information contained in a letter to me, written by Miss Ivy Hardin, Librarian of Kentucky Historical Society, dated October 22, 1947.)
"Elder Alfred Taylor baptized thirty-odd ministers. He laid his hands on about thirty preachers in his lifetime. He led the first temperance reform ever inaugurated in Butler County." "He was pastor from first to last of the following Churches: Sandy Creek, Morgantown and Salem in Butler; Providence in Warren; Mt. Carmel and Nelson's Creek, in Muhlenberg County. Pond Run, Beaver Dam, Walton's Creek, Green
River, Cool Spring, Hartford, West Providence in Ohio; Owensboro in Daviess; Some in Christian.
"Elder J. F. Austin, his son in the ministry, preached his funeral at Green River Church, Ohio county, and his was buried in family cemetery near where Slaty Creek Church now stands."
"A SINNER SAVED BY GRACE", are words found on a monument erected to his memory."
"Wendell H. Rone Sr. born August 17, 1913 in Rochester, Butler County, Kentucky, is son of Jake and Isa Taylor Rone. On his maternal side, he is a descendent of all the Taylor preachers who has served the Churches of the Green River county and elsewhere for over one hundred and thiry-five years. His
great-great grandfather was Joseph Taylor Sr. who was ordained a Baptist Minister in 1805. His great-grandfather was Alfred Taylor, one of the outstanding preachers in the Green River country from 1835 to his death in 1865. His grandfather was James P. Taylor, also a Baptist preacher for over forty years. He is a second cousin of Elder H. Boyce Taylor, for thirty-five years pastor of Murray Baptist Church. He is the twenty-third Baptist preacher in lineage of Joseph Taylor and of that number about five are still living.
"Montie Taylor, third child of Elder James P. Taylor and Susan Mary Stevens Taylor was born near Winfield, Kansas, March 8, 1875. In early childhood she was brought to Kentucky. She was educated
in rural schools of Kentucky; at Carr Institute, Fulton, Morgantown Seminary; Western Kentucky State Teachers College, Bowling Green; Evansville College, Evansville, Indiana.
"For nearly 50 years she taught in public schools of Kentucky. In 1897 she married Marion E. Bunch. As a Bible student she has few peers. her teaching is Biblical, Baptist, profound. For over fourteen years she has taught the T. E. L. class of First Baptist Church, Owensboro. (1943)
"Mrs. Bunch is a member of the Taylor family which has given over twenty preachers to the Baptist denomination within the last one hundred forty years. She is a granddaughter of Elder Alfred Taylor, pioneer preacher of Green River Country, and is a double first cousin of the late Elder H. Boyce Taylor of Murray, Kentucky."
FROM; "A History of Daviess-McLean
Baptist Association in Ky.
by Wendell H. Rone, 1943.
McConnell, J. Carroll
Born -
Lives at South Adams Street, Fort Worth, Texas
He is an attorney. He believes we descend from the James Taylor people as per correspondence on the next pages. Has not been able to verify the information he inherited from Taylors now dead. Mr. McConnell is married and has a family, however, he has not furnished full information. His letters are very interesting and gives us information on Moses Taylor Sr.'s people who went to Texas. At one time when in Fort Worth, I visited Mr. McConnell at his office.
L. Rhea Taylor Sr. 1968
Mother - Ruby Taylor (McConnell)
Daughter - Hannibal Giddings Taylor & Mary Jane Bevers
Son - Stephen Slade Taylor & Eleanor Asten Maddox
Son - John Slade Taylor & Patsy Lawrence
Son - Joseph Taylor Sr.
His father - Joseph Taylor Sr. married Mary Slade
His Parents - Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
DECEMBER 6, 1948
Descendent of Moses Taylor Sr.
or Pioneer Citizen (Taylor)
Rockfield, Warren County, Kentucky
Dear Sir or Madam:
My mother was a Taylor and we are descended from Elder Joseph Taylor, originally a Methodist but joined the Baptist Church about 1800, became a Baptist minister and helped organize the Providence
Baptist Church, somewhere northeast of Rockfield just off Highway 68 between Rockfield and Bowling Green. This was in 1804. I believe this church is now known as Providence Knob Baptist Church or some similar name.
Elder Joseph Taylor was born 1765 and married Mary Slade in 1785. His father was Moses Taylor Sr. and his brother was Moses Taylor Jr., and another brother James Taylor. Do you know of any of the descendants of Moses Taylor Sr., Jr. or of James Taylor living in Warren County or elsewhere who
would be in a position to give some history of the Taylor family? Mr. Taylor Sr. was born in 1729 and died in 1819. I do not know whether he remained a Methodist or also joined the Baptist Church? Is he buried near Rockfield? Any information you can give will be appreciated. I am particularly anxious to get in touch with the Taylor descendants who can give me more history about the Taylor Family.
Thanking you and hoping to hear from you soon, I am,
Sincerely yours,
J. Carroll McConnell
Because of this letter I became interested in learning something
about Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor people.
L. Rhea Taylor Sr. - 1968
SEPTEMBER 29, 1948
Dr. Stephen Slade Taylor was married to Eleanor Aston Maddox in 1844, and Alfred Taylor, uncle of Dr. Stephen Slade Taylor, performed the ceremony. They moved to Texas in 1851 or 1852.
Dr. Stephen Slade Taylor, who was my great grandfather, was the son of John Slade Taylor and Patsy Lawrence Taylor. John Slade Taylor died about 1821 when grandpa Stephen Slade Taylor was three years of age.
Stephen Slade Taylor's father, John Slade Taylor, was a brother to Alfred Taylor and the son of Joseph Taylor Sr. or who married Mary Slade.
It is my information that John Slade Taylor Sr. a brother of Alfred Taylor, had another brother names Stephen Slade Taylor and I am guessing that my great grandfather was named for him.
The name Slade comes from Mary Slade and her husband was Joseph Taylor Sr.. According to the information I now have the children of Joseph Taylor Sr. and Mary Slade Taylor are as follows:
Elizabeth, born January 26, 1787.
Sarah, born November 9, 1791.
John Slade, born May 24, 1793.
Euphonia, born January 16, 1795.
Eunice, born December 5, 1798 - married Amos Davis.
Joseph, born August 7, 1800.
William Slade, (daughter) born November 13, 1802.
Stephen, born May 26, 1804.
Alfred, born July 19, 1808.
This information, although not complete, will be sufficient
to show my relationship to the Kentucky Taylors.
My mother, Ruby Taylor McConnell, is still living.
J. Carroll McConnell
308 Burk Burnett Building
Fort Worth, Texas
DECEMBER 5, 1966
I am so proud, so exceedingly proud and most highly appreciative of the copy of , PIONEERS, MOSES TAYLOR and ELIZABETH PREVETTE TAYLOR SR. of KENTUCKY and NORTH CAROLINA.
which you graciously mailed me. Although my address is 1816 South Adams, and this copy was mailed to 1616 South Adams, after a considerable delay, I am happy to report my Autographed Copy finally reached me. I thank you so much. But I am prone to say it comes as a fuel on the flame of a fire, long brightly burning in my heart. It is a wonderful work, and your efforts deserves the highest credit. To be sure, however, in a work of this kind and character where information is so scarce, it is difficult not to make a few little errors.
Should you ever revise your work, I would suggest that you make one or two corrections on Page 20.
Joseph Taylor Sr., listed on Page 20, was my great, great, great-grandfather. His son, John Slade Taylor, who departed this life in 1829, north of Mayfield, Kentucky, was my great, great-grandfather.
John Slade Taylor, whose wife was Patsy Lawrence, and whose marriage license I found in Morgantown, Kentucky, had three children namely; Burrell Taylor, a son, Stephen Slade Taylor, a son who was my
great-grandfather, and Aurilla Taylor, a daughter, Aurilla Taylor married; was the mother of one daughter, and became a widow. Aurilla then married a man named Patterson, and the daughter married Patter-son's son. So mother and daughter married father and son. They moved to Gainsville, Texas, 60 miles north of Fort Worth. Where they went into the dry goods business, and had a dry goods store.
Stephen Slade Taylor, my great-grandfather, came to Texas in 1851, and first settled at Rockwell, about 20 miles east and a little north of Dallas. Late in 1854, or early in 1855, Stephen Slade Taylor, with his family moved to Hood County, about 50 miles west of Fort Worth. In 1857, he moved to Palo Pinto county, and erected the first house in the County Seat town of Palo Pinto. Stephen Slade Taylor married Eleanor Aston Maddox, a granddaughter of John Maddox, who was a revolutionary war soldier, and was under George Washington, at Valley Forge. The oldest son of Stephen Slade Taylor and Eleanor Aston Maddox Taylor was Hannibal Giddings Taylor, my grandfather. Hannibal Giddings Taylor, married Mary Jane Bevers. My mother, Ruby Taylor was the second to the oldest child of Hannibal Giddings Taylor and Mary Bevers Taylor. I am the second to the oldest grandchild of the said Hannibal Giddings Taylor and wife, Mary Jane Bevers Taylor.
I knew my grandfather well, was in his Sunday School Class; rode horse back with him over his 3,000 acre ranch, etc. I also personally knew and can remember, and many times visited in the home
of Stephen Slade Taylor and wife, Eleanor Aston Maddox Taylor, while they were still living, and knew them well. Stephen Slade Taylor, was the son of John Slade Taylor, mentioned on page 29 of your book,
and not the son of Alfred Taylor. Alfred Taylor was an uncle of my great grandfather, and great grand-mother, discloses that they were married by Alfred Taylor. I have but the kindest words for your wonderful work. I am not ready to concede, however, that Moses Taylor came through the Edward Taylor Line, mentioned on page 66 of your wonderful work. I have personally been in Mayfield, Kentucky; personally visited one of the Taylor descendants that had a little printed pamphlet, written by her deceased father. This pamphlet stated that we were descended from Edward Taylor line, in new Jersey, etc. Evidently,
that was the influencing factor that led you to believe, as indicated on Page 66, that Moses Taylor was a son of Edward Taylor. First, and foremost, I personally knew Dr. J.K. Slade Taylor, who lived in Dallas, and Dallas County for many years. he often visited at Palo Pinto; was a grandson of Joseph Taylor Sr. and a son of Joseph Taylor Jr. mentioned on page 29 of your book or compilation; and visited in our home after I was married. It is true that Joseph Taylor Jr. died in 1885, and was buried at Sweet-
water, Texas. I also knew two or three of the children of Dr. J. K. Slade Taylor. some of the other descendants of Joseph Taylor, Sr. and Joseph Taylor Jr. besides my own people live in Texas, and some of them live in Fort Worth. We had a Mr. & Mrs. John Slade Taylor living in Fort Worth. From them and others, I have directly traced the family relationship to Moses Taylor. From there, I will admit, it is a little hazy.
I do not have time to look up the reference, but Richard Taylor had a brother, Moses Taylor, that moved from Orange County, Virginia to New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina. Colonel Richard Taylor was, of course, the father of President Zachary Taylor. James Taylor Jr. was the father of colonel Richard Taylor, and had a son, named Moses Taylor, that moved with his mother or step-mother to New Bern, North Carolina, after James Taylor Jr. died. Moses Taylor was a full brother or half brother of Richard Taylor. James Taylor's first wife died. His second wife was a Mrs. Blackburn. She had been previously married, but had several children by James Taylor, Jr., Her second husband. The dates and all fit with the dates of Moses Taylor. Richard Taylor had a brother named Moses Taylor. Richard Taylor's step-mother went to New Bern, North Carolina, and so did Moses Taylor, but I have never been able to establish whether Moses Taylor was a son by the first or second marriage of James Taylor. I shall look this data up when I can give you a more authentic report. If you come to Fort worth, be sure to look me up.
Again, thanking you for your wonderful work, and endless effort you have exerted to compile material.
Very truly yours,
J. Carroll McConnell
JANUARY 27, 1967
Mr. L. Rhea Taylor Sr.
1326 State Street
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Dear Rhea:
Permit me to acknowledge receipt of your very interesting letter, dated January 24th and mailed the following day. For many of the Taylor Families, I want to express my sincere appreciation for the interest you have manifested in our ancestral history. There is never a day, hardly an hour, but I think I must
get down to the library and search for and supply you with the needed information. But, I have been so extremely busy right here at the first of the year following Christmas, I couldn't help but be neglectful. But at the very earliest opportunity I shall be more than anxious to give the matter my attention. I don't imagine I could get down to town today, because they are having the Stock show Parade. Too, I am awaiting a client from Weatherford. But I shall endeavor my best in supplying information I can real soon.
Personally, I don't believe Moses Taylor descended from Edward Taylor of New jersey. I am now 74 years old. About 1920 or 1921, Dr. Joe Taylor, a first cousin of my great grandfather, Stephen Slade Taylor, visited in our home and presented me with a brief family chart. He was a grandson of Moses Taylor, and stated that Moses Taylor came from the James Taylor Line, who first settled around Orange County, Virginia. I think, but I am not sure, Dr. Joe Taylor, who lived here in Texas for a long time, stated that he had known Moses Taylor. Incidentally, Dr. Joe Taylor's father or brother was buried at Sweet -water, Texas in 1885. He was one of the pioneer settlers of that section of the State. The Taylors nearly
always were a fine, aggressive and successful family of people - have always been inclined to follow the frontier. My great grandfather and three of his boys, and one son-in-law, followed the frontier to Idaho and Washington, in the early 1880's. Uncle Ephraim Kelly Taylor, whose parents, my great grandparents, moved to Texas, in 1851 - was a school and County Judge of Palo Pinto County. In 1887, after retiring from office, he traveled overland to Idaho, in a covered wagon. He said he had to strike out across the prairie where there were no roads and fences, for a great part of the distance. His nephew, Glenn Taylor, was United States Senator from Idaho and ran for Vice President with ex-Vice President Wallace, when the latter ran for President. Glenn is a nice looking and intelligent fellow; visited and spent the night with me in my house, but he and I did not necessarily agree politically. Just as soon as I can possibly reach it, I shall do some additional research here in Fort Worth. One of the finest Genealogical Libraries, west of the Mississippi River, is located in Fort Worth. With best wishes and hoping this letter finds you well, I am
Sincerely yours,
J. Carroll McConnell
FEBRUARY 18, 1967
Dear Rhea:
Permit me to call you Rhea, because of both relation and extended correspondence. May I thank you most heartily for your recent letter, giving the Joseph Taylor Line, from whom I personally descended. The
Joseph Taylor Jr. who died in 1885 was buried at Sweetwater, Texas. But John S. Taylor was my great, great grandfather, Stephen Slade Taylor, one of his sons, was my great grandfather whom I personally knew and well remember. Stephen Slade Taylor was born in 1818 and died in 1898. He is buried among my people at Palo Pinto, Texas.
But I just wanted to say that I have been 19 days in Income Tax Returns for a man and his wife and my feet and hands have been hobbled completely with that and other matters. Just the earliest moment I can, I shall look up all the data I can find available, concerning Moses Taylor, and write you at the earliest moment. Regret my time has been so congested. But what a great pleasure it would be for you and I to spend a few hours together. Should you happen to be in Fort worth, plan on staying with me in my home
as long as possible.
With best wishes, and assuring you, you will hear from me within the reasonably near future, I am
Sincerely yours,
J. Carroll McConnell
JULY 11, 1967
Dear Rhea:
I know you think I have forgotten you, but I have not. I have been down at the fine library we have about four different times, and when I did research, I spent approximately three hours at a time, working on the Moses Taylor situation. Still, I do not have the matter satisfactorily worked out. My mother was Ruby Taylor. Her father was Hannibal Giddings Taylor. His father, who was my great grandfather, was Stephen Slade Taylor. His father, my great, great grandfather was John Slade Taylor. John Slade Taylor had a brother, Joseph Taylor Jr. Their father was Joseph Taylor Sr., that was my great great grandfather. He was buried about 1853 at Prentice, between Beaver Dam and Morgantown. I have seen his grave. Joseph Taylor Jr. had another son, Alfred Taylor, born in 1808, and was an outstanding Baptist minister. One year where there were about 700 conversions, in the Gasper River Association, Alfred Taylor was successful in getting about 600 of them. All the other ministers combined, was successful in getting the approximate 100 remaining.
I have in my hand, a little blue back book of about 123 pages, styled, "BIOGRAPHY OF ELDER ALFRED TAYLOR", by his son, W.C. Taylor, Auburn, Kentucky. This book was published in 1878, nearly 90 years ago. It, itself gives considerable family history. I have an abundance of evidence up to Joseph Taylor. I have a written record, furnished by Dr. Slade J.K. Taylor, who for a long time lived over here at Dallas, who visited my wife and me, after we married, and who was a son of Joseph Taylor Jr., who died in 1885, and is buried at Sweetwater, Texas. Dr. Slade J.K. Taylor, was well acquainted with the family history, since a lot of his early life was in Kentucky, and who knew Joseph Taylor Sr., His grandfather. Then, I personally talked to a grandson of Joseph Taylor Sr., who was virtually retired when I was in my 20's, about 1920, and who furnished me a written statement of the family history, because I was interested. This three of four page typed record of the history of our people, very definitely and flatly states that Moses Taylor was the father of Joseph Taylor Sr. and gives the date of the birth and death of the said Moses Taylor. And Dr. Taylor personally knew from his own recollection, and for his constant association for more than three fourths of a century, with the oldest Kentucky Taylors, that Moses Taylor was the father of Joseph Taylor, and other children, and moved from North Carolina to near Bowling Green, Kentucky. I have much history about Joseph Taylor Sr., marrying Mary Slade, whose several brothers were in the Revolutionary War. And, Mary Slade, according to this written report by dr. Slade J.K.Taylor, washed her brother's bloody clothing after the Battle of the Cow Pen. The Slade name is still in existence among our people. My grandfather's brother was Sylvester Slade Taylor. My great grandfather was Stephen Slade Taylor. His father, my great, great, grandfather, was John Slade Taylor, who married Patsy Lawrence, and is buried northward, 10 or 15 miles from Mayfield, Kentucky. Some of my cousins are also named Slade. The family history is definite to end and including Moses Taylor. But I have been trying to connect Moses Taylor as being the son of James Taylor II, and a brother of Richard Taylor, who was the father of President Zachary Taylor. There are also encyclopedias and other works giving accounts of the life of President Zachary Taylor. But all authors are so concerned about Zachary Taylor's leading the United States Army into Old Mexico, during the Texas Mexican War in 1848, and about his being President, etc., his early family history has been almost completely overlooked.
But I did find where Colonel Richard Taylor of the Revolutionary War fame, had a brother named Moses Taylor, that moved to North Carolina, where our Moses came from and moved to Kentucky. (Excuse short cut English, for I am crowded for time). James Taylor I, and James Taylor II, the grandfather of President Zachary Taylor, lived at Orange County, Virginia. this several page paper I have, furnished to me by Dr. Slade J.K. Taylor, nearly 50 years ago, when Dr. Taylor was about 80 or older, positively states that Moses Taylor, his great grandfather, came from Orange County, Virginia to North Carolina, and then to the vicinity of Bowling Green, Kentucky. You have found out that he also had a son, and perhaps grandchildren, named Moses Taylor. This is definite according to information which I have in my possession.
Since I have not found the data I once found, disclosing that Richard Taylor had a brother, Moses Taylor. I shall keep on looking.
Please bear in mind that I am a practicing attorney; have no partner, and my work is so confining it leaves little time for research. So please pardon the delay in answering your letter. It was this problem of trying to find out more about Moses Taylor that resulted in my correspondence with you. I feel very fortunate that I found you. I am thoroughly satisfied that the father of Joseph Taylor Sr. who has been in my family by living contact, was Moses Taylor, who married Elizabeth Prevette. (I do not have the data
before me, so excuse the spelling. My spelling is not exactly correct. Time is crowding me. It is now 10 minutes until 12:00 o'clock). I do have an abundance of data definitely establishing our descend-ancy from Moses Taylor. It is from Moses Taylor beyond that I am seeking additional information. Again, please pardon my delay. I am doing the best I can. But I do have an abundance of other material that I cannot cover. Incidentally, the marriage license of my great grandfather to Eleanor Aston Maddox in 1844, was performed by the above mentioned Alfred Taylor, uncle of my great grandfather. When I can, in the near future do more research, I am again going to find that Richard Taylor had a brother named Moses Taylor, that moved to North Carolina with his widowed mother, who had been married twice and who had two sets of children. By marriage, they were real closely connected with the family of Robert E. Lee. With best wishes, and looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you on some future occasion, I am
Very Truly yours
J. Carroll McConnell
APRIL 9, 1968
Dear Rhea;
May I express my deep appreciation and interest in your letter mailed to me, April 6th.
If I am not standing you up too long, next week, after the Income Tax Season is over, I promise you faithfully that I will start preparing, and get out promptly as possible, even a more complete outline than I find in your letter. But, for years, I have assisted my client with her Income Tax matters. Further more, at this particular time of the year, my work has been extremely heavy. Actually, I have been able to keep up with the same. I wish that I could sit down right now, and supply you with information that I am ashamed I haven't been able to supply some time ago. I am determined To go down there and find that book where James Taylor II, had a son, Moses Taylor, by one of his marriages. Although, the Article was not clear, I am inclined to believe that in the case of Moses Taylor would be a full Uncle of President Zachary Taylor.
With best wishes, I am
Your very truly,
J. Carroll McConnell
Taylor, (Alfred) Thomas
Born -
Died - 1834
Buried - Barnetts Lick church cemetery, Butler County, Ky.
Married - Elizabeth Taylor - 1808- Logan County, Ky.
Thomas came to Warren County, Kentucky in 1795 from New Bern, Craven county, North Carolina with his parents. Being the first Taylors in that section of the state. He moved to Butler county in 1815. In 1817, sold his land and moved to Warrick County Indiana with his brother Redding and his wife Polly Ann (Macksay). After some years he returned to Butler County, Kentucky. His brother Redding remained in Warrick county since they sold property in 1847. Thomas cutting down a tree which fell on him. His five months pregnant wife took the ax and cut the tree in two. Thomas died however, and was buried at Barnetts Lick Creek Church Cemetery, where he had been a messenger in 1827.
Their Children:
1. - Joseph Taylor
Married - Betty Williams
Went to Ohio County, Kentucky
2. - Calvin Prevette Taylor
Married - (1st) Dorcas Beasley (6 children)
Married - (2nd) Mary Romans (2 children)
She was from Hadley, Warren County, Ky.
3. - Sarilda Taylor
No marriage record.
4. - Jane Taylor
Married - William Leach
5. - ______Taylor
Married - ______Ferguson
6. - ______Taylor
Married - ______Gilstrap (Went to Ohio co. Ky)
7. - James Alfred Taylor
Born - 1835 Died - 1905
Married - Clarice Kessinger
Born - 1840 Died 1903
(a) Artilla D. Taylor, married Gurtey Taylor
(b) Warden Clay Taylor, married John P. Pharris, a Baptist minister
(c) Laura Taylor, born 1869
(d) Otis E. Taylor, born 1871, married Mary C. Evens, 1890.
(e) Truman Taylor, born 1872
(f) Sarah C. Taylor, Born 1874
(g) Millard Taylor, Born, 1876
(h) Nora Taylor, Born 1879
(I) Cecil Prevette Taylor, born 1881 died 1938
married Nora Wilson, born 1886 died 1938
Mrs. Nora Wilson Taylor, residing in Leitchfield, Kentucky in 1967. Cecil Prevette Taylor was with Illinois Central Railroad for many years. Their children:
(1) Alfred Cora Taylor, born 1906
(2) Lily Garnet Taylor, born 1909 died young
(3) Verna Morton Taylor, born 1914, Central City, Ky.
Married, Anita Hayes, daughter of Caleb and Donia (Raymer) Hayes. Residing in Louisville, Ky. 1967.
(a) Dixie Louise Taylor
(b) Cecil Morton Taylor
All information on Alfred Thomas Taylor and Betty (Elizabeth) Taylor given by Mr. Floyd E. Gaither, 1905 Chesty Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40219. A retired genealogist. Mr. Gaither being interested in securing Taylor information for his brother-in -law, Mr. Veran Morton Taylor. He was furnished the Pioneer Moses Taylor and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr. lineage that I published in 1966.
L. Rhea Taylor Sr. 1968
Son of James Booker Taylor
Son of William Taylor Sr.
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
History - Robert F. Taylor and Lula Hurd Taylor (see following pages)
Robert F. Taylor married Lula Hurd and lived in Warren County, Kentucky, all their married life. They had eight children: Beulah Courtland, James Whit, Fairy Elizabeth, Henrietta Johnson, Paul W., Maude and Robert Booker. The children were all born and raised in and around Hadley, Kentucky. At the age of 16, Beulah was married to Thomas A. Tarrants of Hadley. They moved to Pensacola, Florida for a few years and then moved to Mobile, Alabama. Here they raised their four children, three of whom are still living in Mobile with their families. The oldest son, Robert, had joined the Merchant Marines and lived in Florida with his wife. They had no children and are now living in Texas. After being widowed for some time, Beulah married W. L. Matheson of North Carolina. They moved back to Mobile where he passed away in a few years. She is still living there. After the death of his wife, Lula, Robert Taylor moved to Mobile, Alabama, with his three youngest children to be near his oldest daughter Beulah. He spent his remaining years there. His daughters Henrietta and Maude married and settled there, where they are still living; near their children and families. Shortly before Lula Taylor's death, her son Paul was drowned while trying to save a young swimmer. Son James Whit lived at home on the farm until he was called to serve his country in the first world war. While stationed on Staten Island, New York, he met Katherine West. After his discharge, they were married and lived at Hadley, Kentucky for about five years. They then moved to Staten Island, New York, where they raised their family of three girls and one boy. Fairly Elizabeth married Edward Earle Pearson of Bowling Green, Kentucky, where he was in the dry cleaning business. Later they moved to Cincinnati, Ohio for a few years; after which, they moved to Millburn, New Jersey, where they established a home and again went into dry cleaning business. They and most of heir family are still living there. Robert Taylor's youngest boy Robert, after going to Mobile, Alabama was sent to New York to be with his older brother James Whit. While on construction work in Cincinnati, Ohio, he met and married Jane Wood. They returned to Staten Island, New York where they raised a boy and girl and lived for many years. He now is living in Stanton Station, New Jersey, where he has a small county store. His son and daughter are both married and residing in New Jersey. Warren Elvis Taylor married Grace Cohron of Cohron, Kentucky. They lived in and around Hadley, Kentucky for about ten or fifteen years. They then moved to Staten Island, New York. They had six children; Warner James, Helen Ruth, George Wesley, Warner Elvis (Norman), Robert Woodrow and Doris Elaine. Warner James married Ella Cortazze of Staten Island and they had a son and a daughter. They were later divorced and Warner James is now living in Stanford, Kentucky with his second wife. Helen Ruth married and still lives on Staten Island near her children and their families. Warren Elvis better known as Norman, moved to Pennsylvania where he married and raised a family. The other children have all married and are all living in New jersey with their families. Mrs. James Whit Taylor Mrs. Taylor, has been most cooperative and has furnished the information on Robert Taylor's people.
L. Rhea Taylor Sr. - 1968
Son of William Taylor Sr.
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, James Booker Sr.
Born - 1806
Married - Elizabeth Waddle
(1) Cassy, married - John Bowles, no children.
(2) John William
(3) Charles Wesley, killed by train at Richpond, Kentucky.
(4) Sally
(5) Callie, never married.
(6) Eugene, went to Texas as a young man.
(7) Wiley (Willie), never married, Died - Auburn, Kentucky.
(8) Robert F. Jr., born 1863, married - Lula Hurd, lived Hadley, Ky.
(a) Beulah Courtland
(b) James Whit
(3) Warren Elvis
(4) Fairy Elizabeth
(5) Henrietta
(6) Paul W.
(7) Maude
(8) Robert Booker
Son of Robert F. Taylor
Son of James Booker Taylor
Son William Taylor Jr.
Son James Taylor
Son Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, James Whit
Born Dec. 2, 1894 Died 24 May 1966
Married - Katherine L. West of Staten Island, NY on January 12,
1920. She was born Dec. 29, 1899.
(1) Beulah Katherine, born Nov. 13, 1920
Married - June 24, 1944 to William Robert Deane, born in Logansport, Ind. on June 1, 1918.
1. Walter Lee, born March 16, 1948.
2. Gordon Lewis, born November 9, 1949.
(2) Grace May
Married - April 7, 1944 to Raymond Alva Yeager, born on Staten Island, NY on April 8, 1923.
(A) Raymond Alfred, born February 4, 1946.
(B) Roger Lewis, born - August 5, 1948.
(3) Margaret Jean
Married - July 26, 1947 to Walter Fleming Ritchie of Staten Island, NY born November 14, 1919 in Montrese, Scotland.
(1) James Marshall, born April 24, 1948.
(2) Kathryn Jean, born July 14, 1949.
(3) Patricia Ann, born March 31, 1951.
(4) Walter Thomas, born January 26, 1953.
(4) James Whit Jr.
Married - March 4, 1950 to Helen Foster Schimpff, of Thompson, Pennsylvania.
1. James Whit, 3rd.
Son of Robert F. Taylor
Son of James Booker Taylor
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Warren Elvis,
Born - February 10, 1899 at Hadley, Kentucky.
Married - Grace Cohron on July 3, 1918, born December 14, 1900.
1. Warner James, born May 3, 1919, Married Ella Ruth Certazzo on
March 8, 1941 on Staten Island, NY born January 6, 1921 on Staten Island, NY
(1) Marilyn Joy, born December 12, 1941.
Married, Robert Chales on September 5, 1958 on
Staten Island, NY
Son: Robert Charles Jr., born, Dec. 6, 1959.
(2) Helen Ruth, born July 10, 1921
(3) George Wesley, born April 8, 1923
(4) Warner Elvis (Norman), born July 30, 1925
(5) Robert Woodrow, born, October 19, 1927
(6) Doris Lorraine, born, August 2, 1931
Son of Warren Elvis Taylor
Son of Robert F. Taylor
Son of James Booker Taylor
Son of William Taylor Sr.
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, George Wesley
Married - Katherine DeCicco on April 7, 1951 on Staten Island, NY
1. George Wesley Jr., Born - March 2, 1956
2. Bruce Edward, Born - January 6, 1957
3. Donna Jean, Born - April 2, 1958
4. Kenneth Wayne, Born - October 30, 1960
5. Linda Marie, Born - August 19, 1963
Taylor, Warner Elvis (Brother of George Wesley)
Married - Rose Marie Masilla on February 19, 1949 at Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Born September 6, 1927 at Greensburg, Pennsylvania.
1. Sherry Ann, born - December 9, 1950
2. Larry Elvis, born - November 24, 1951
3. April Lynn, born - April 20, 1953
(All children were born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania)
Taylor, Robert Woodrow (Brother of George Wesley)
Married - Theresa Helen Lynch on November 11, 1950, born May 10, 1930
1. Beverly Ann, born February 24, 1951
2. Rexann Marie, born March 9, 1954
3. June, born May 29, 1955
4. Mary Ann, born April 10, 1957
5. Claire Joyce, born April 11, 1958
6. Deborah Ann, born January 23, 1960
7. Jacqueline, born February 17, 1964
Taylor, Doris Lorraine (Sister of George Wesley) Married, George Valenti George on June 28, 1947, born March 17, 1923.
1. Georgette Lorraine, born February 9, 1948
2. James Elvis, born December 5, 1951
3. Yvonne, born October 23, 1955
Daughter of Warren Elvis Taylor
Son of Robert F. Taylor
Son of James Booker Taylor
Son of William Taylor Sr.
Son of James Taylor
.Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr
Taylor, Helen Ruth, Married - Edwin Paul Sadowsky (1st) on September 26, 1937. He was born on Staten Island, NY on June 26, 1919.
1. Juanita Jean, born March 9, 1940
2. Jean Linda, born December 15, 1942
Married - Carlo Denino (2nd) on March 29, 1956.
His birthday December 1, 1923.
Child: Carla Marie, born, March 12, 1957
Sadowsky, Juanita Jean (daughter of Helen Ruth)
Married - John Delloyd Kentu on May 31, 1958, Born September 6, 1939.
1. John Delloyd Jr., born October 10, 1959.
2. Laurie Lynne, born June 28, 1963.
Sadowsky, Jean Linda
Married - Donald Edward Endriss on May 29, 1960. Born - May 31, 1937
1. Susan Lynn, born March 28, 1962.
2. Donald Edward Jr., born September 11, 1963.
Son of James Booker Taylor
Son of William Taylor Sr.
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Robert Booker Born - January 29, 1910 at Hadley, Kentucky Married - Elsie Jane Wood on December 24, 1931 at Newport, Kentucky. Born April 19, 1906 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
1. Robert F.Born - July 26, 1932 on Staten Island, NY Married - Dolores Jeanette Ball on April 4, 1959 at South River, NJ Born April 28, 1939 at South River, NJ
1. Robert Paul, born April 16, 1962.
2. Kenneth Francis, born November 9, 1965.
2. Ruth Marilyn Born - April 3, 1934 on Staten Island, NY Married - Virgil William Santimaw on October 20, 1956 at Neshanic, NJ Born March 16, 1923 at Hopkinton, NY
1. Lorren Rose, born - August 22, 1957.
2. Linda Celia, born September 5, 1958.
Son of Fornifor Taylor
Son of James Taylor
Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, William Smith (Grundy) Born - 1831 Died - 1918 Buried - McGinnis Taylor graveyard - near Hadley, Ky. Married - Estelle Adams - 1861, born - 1843 died - 1883
Lived in Warren and Logan Counties, Ky. was a contractor by profession.
1. Arthur Taylor, Born - 1875 , Died 1906 - never married.
2. Edd Taylor, Born 1870, Died 1957. Married - Ada Moss - 1897, born 1870.She was sister of Dr. Virgil U. Moss, who practiced medicine at Rockfield, Ky. for over 50 years.
(a) Virgil, born - 1900, died - 1942, married in 1940.
(b) Ida Mary - Born 1904, never married.
3. John Taylor, born 1876 - died 1956, married - Martha smith in 1922.
4. Francis F. Taylor, born - 1865, died 1906
Married - Henry Clay Herndon, born - 1856, died 1909.
(a) Mary Herndon, born 1894, married - Raybon Russell
(Rayburn), born - 1894
Child: Ida Frances, born 1924, married - Fred H. Lunde
Children: Fred Russell, born - 1947.
Mary Elizabeth, born 1948.
(b) William Boyce, born - 1896.
Married - Ida Carlton Walton - 1922.
(1) William Boyce, Jr., born - 1925
Married - Martha Pearl Scott - 1948, born - 1927.
Children: Barry, born - 1950.
Linda Diane - 1953.
(2) Elizabeth Ann, born - 1930.
Married - Charles E. Chesholm - 1951, born - 1930.
Child: Bruce Norman Chesholm, born, 1953.
(3) Mary Carlton, born - 1931
Married - Gerald Taylor Cohron - 1954, born 1931.
(c) Francis F., born - 1906, died 1907.
5. Lloyd Houston, Born 1887, Died 1945.
Married - Helen Shirley McGee, 1926. Born 1887
(a) Paul Donald, Born 1928 Died 1928
(b) Nancy Lee, Born 1929, Married Joe Byron Bass - 1947
Born 1929.
1. Byron Lee, born 1948.
2. Janeth Kay, born 1950.
6. Nannie, born January 16, 1883. Married, Davie Walker.
(a) Edward
(b) Elbert (Edward & Elbert are twins)
(c) LaMay
Married - ?????
1. Sandra
7. Clara (never married)
Born 1871 Died 1964
8. Ida (never married)
Born 1871 Died 1933
Her mother died when she was 12 years old. She was the mother to all her brothers and sisters. Her father William Smith, never remarried.
9. William J. (Willie), born 1864 died 1938
Married - Anna Margaret Patterson, 1904.
Born - 1877 Died - 1931
(a) Frank Adams, Born 1906.
1st married - Vivian Scott, 1931
1. James Wilkinson Taylor, born - 1936.
2nd Marriage - Anna Bair - 1940, Arlington, Va.
2. Margaret Taylor Married:
1. Joe Barnes
2. Steven Fuqua
10. James Starling, born 1874, died 1934, married - Cordia DeShazer in 1905, born 1880 died January 19, 1964.
He was a farmer, trader & sheriff of Logan County, Ky.
(a) Pauline Born - 1907
Married - Jesse Lafayette Riley - 1931, born - 1905.
1. Jesse Lafayette, Jr., born 1935.
Married - Donna Tuck, 7-23-1960
(1) James Russell Riley, born, 1962
(2) Alice Elizabeth Riley, born 1963
2. James Russell, born 1938
Married, Sarah Lynn England
Child: Sallie Lynn Riley, born 1967
(b) Mary Lou, born 1909
Married - Henry Edward Coffman in 1928, born 1906
1. Patsy Taylor Coffman, born 1929
Married - Dr. William David Pittman in 1952 Born - 1928
A. Louragne Lou, born 1953
B. Wesley, born 1956
2. Mary Lou, born 1939, Married - Bertrum Jones in 1963
Child: Julia Rhea Jones, born 1964
3. Charles Rhea Born 1915 Died 1964
Married - Pauline Myers (no children)
4. James S., born 1918
Married - Iona Hayes in 1943, born 1918
(no children)
11. Harry Adams, born 1871- died 1934, Married - Ida Tatum in 1904, born 1882.
(a) James Fornifer, born 1905, Married - Eloise Darris in 1927.
1. Dorris Kathrine, born 1927
Married, Pat Mitchell in 1948
Child: James Pat Mitchell, born 1952
2. Arthur Prentice, born 1909
Married - Elizabeth Uffelmers, born 1940,
no children
3. Nancy Isabelle, born - 1910
Married - Carson Cameron Summerville in 1938.
Children: A. - Carson C. , born 1941
B. - Harry Milton, born 1941 Married, Sylvia Terry in 1964.
C. - Nancy Louise, born 1948
4. Harry Morton, born 1914
Married - Mary Ella Lou - 1939
5. Clara Louise, born - 1921
Married, Grover Clay Holderfield in 1942.
(a) Thomas Clay, born in 1951
(b) Harriett Louise, born in 1958
(c) Nancy, born in 1962
6. Milton Lee, born 1924, Married - Betty Sue Hagan in 1952, Divorced 1954
Jesse Lafayete Riley Jr. attended Vanderbilt and then entered law school in Louisville. Upon grad-uating from Louisville Law School, he became an agent for FBI for several years. He returned to Russellville in 1962 to practice law. James Russell Riley, upon completion of his four years of collage at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia. (played basketball the four years). He returned to Russellville and became a partner with his father in the Insurance and real estate business. Jesse L. Riley & Son
Insurance and Real Estate
Mrs. Pauline Riley has supplied the information on William S. Taylor's family, she is very much interested in the history of her people.
Daughter of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Nancy Married - Daniel Daugherty - 1786 at New Bern, NC Both born Craven County, NC - came to Warren Co., Ky. in 1795.
First lived in Warren County, later moving to Butler county where they died. A descendent, Judge Otis White lives at Morgantown, Ky.
June 22, 1968
Enos Daugherty
RR #2
Morgantown, Ky 42261
Mr. L. Rhea Taylor
1326 State Street
Bowling Green, Ky
Dear Sir:
I have prepared what material I have relating to my family, the Daugherty's. But am still working on their lineage. I am sending this material to you. You can rearrange the material or use it in the form written.
Also included a little information about the Howard Family. Though you might enjoy reading the quotes from the Alfred Taylor biography, in the event you do not have a copy. It was written from 1875 to 1878 by his son, W. C. Taylor. There are four generations of Daugherty's, Howard's, Whites, Snodgrass and Crabb's buried in the Mt. Vernon Cemetery. The cemetery is located at Dexterville, Butler County, Kentucky. Eight miles north of Morgantown. All related to the Moses Taylor family. Thank you for the Taylor genealogy.
Your truly,
/s/Enos Daugherty
Taylor, Nancy Married - Daniel Daugherty - 1786 at New Bern, NC Came to Warren County in 1795. Daniel was the son of Owen Daugherty of Craven County, NC
Thomas - married Polly White in Butler County, Kentucky, March 18, 1817.
William - married Elizabeth (Betsy) Wiley in Butler County, Kentucky, August 2, 1821.
Moses -
John -
Nancy - Married Lewis White in Butler County, Kentucky March 15, 1817.
Sally - Married Samuel Finley in Butler County, Kentucky December 3, 1820.
Sidney - Married James Howard in Butler County, Kentucky March 16, 1827. Grave marker shows she was born in 1801.
Elizabeth - Married a Gilstrap.
Some information about Elder Alfred Taylor copied from his biography, as written by his son W.C.Taylor, of Auburn, Kentucky in 1878. "Elder Alfred Taylor, the youngest son of Elder Joseph Taylor, was born in warren County, Kentucky, July 19, 1808. His parents emigrated shortly after marriage from North Carolina to the county of his birth. they embraced religion early in life, and became members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In this connection Joseph Taylor began the ministry. some years before the birth of their son Alfred, they were constrained by the force of truth to forsake the church of their fathers and identify themselves with the Baptist, and were baptized by Nathan Arnette, of Tennessee."
"His first marriage was to Mary Ann Mahon, of Butler County and occurred September 22, 1835. His second marriage was to Marjory Jane Brown, of Ohio County, and dates----, 1852. His third espousal was to Eliza Jane Gordon, of Daviess County, date of marriage, March 1, 1859." "By his first wife he had nine children - six boys and three girls. Three children by his second wife. Three by his third wife.
The children named in his biography are by first wife: W. K. Taylor (a daughter), Dr. V. M. Taylor, Alice Newel Taylor, J.S. Taylor, J.P.Taylor, W.C.Taylor, the author of the biography. (J. S., J. P. and W. C. were all ministers)
by second wife: Susan
by third wife: Hattie A.
The first regular protracted meeting ever held in Ohio County was begun and carried on by Alfred Taylor, at Walton's Creek Church, December 1837. The meeting lasted just two weeks. During the meeting, and in a few months after, one hundred and forty - six were received into the church by baptism. In one day, during this meeting, eighty-four person united with the church. Pond Run, Ohio County was the next church blessed. Sandy Creek, the Little Bend of Green River, Green River Church, Beaver Dam, The Duncan House, near where Nelson's Creek Station now stands, and Stum's Tobacco House, where Paradise has since been built, were points at which he labored during the winter and spring. DR. Coleman confidently affirms, that in less than six months, Alfred Taylor baptized over eight hundred persons. This estimate is perhaps a little too large; the precise number I have failed to get, but perhaps it was nearer six than eight hundred.
Son of Nancy Taylor
Daughter of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Daugherty, Thomas
Son of Daniel Daugherty and Nancy Taylor.
NOTE: In the copy I received, above the name above was hand written:
"Should be William B., was not the son of Nancy Taylor and Daniel Daugherty."
1. Wiley - married Phamy Taylor, no known relation to the Moses Taylor family.
Children; Owen and Julia
2. John Thomas, a Baptist minister, married Phoebe Abney.
Children; Mark, Sylvanus, William, Sam, Austin, Roxy, Barbara and Arleigh Vinson.
3. Frank
Children; Monterville, Naomi, Hermina, Abagail
4. Perlina, married John Cook
Children; Mack, Joseph, Steve, Robert, Monroe
5. Mary - married Daniel Kessinger
Children; George, Marifeld, Angerona
6. Nancy - married William Smith
Children; Margaret, Lavina
Son of Nancy Taylor
Daughter of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Daugherty, William
Son of Daniel Daugherty and Nancy Taylor.
1. John - married Nancy Swift, both deceased. Buried in Daugherty Cemetery in Ohio County.
Children; Columbus, Grant, David, Owen, Peter, Rosena and Burgess.
2. Albert - married Elizabeth Cook. Both deceased, buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Butler County, Kentucky.
3. Oliver - married Sarah Goodman.
4. Chesterfield - married Polly Evans. Both deceased buried in Arnold Cemetery, Ohio County.
Children; Bart, Otha, Margaret, Susan, Perry, Letty
5. Ben
6. Foster - married Sarha Evans. No children.
7. Alfred - married Gilley Ann Kessinger, December 2, 1871 in Butler County.
Children; Ed and Nancy
8. William T. - married Anthaline Beesley, daughter of Wiley Beesley. February 7, 1861 in Butle County, Kentucky. Both deceased, buried in Mt. Vernon, Cemetery, in Butler County. He was a deacon in Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church.
(a) George - married Jane Evans. Moved to Texas about 1900.
Children; Nathaniel, William S., John Thomas, Reubin, Noah, Haley, Mary, Ealie.
(b) Thomas R. - married Margaret Snodgrass, a daughter of Rev. A. J. Snodgrass, a Baptist Minister. She is related to the Moses Taylors through her grandmother Sidney, who married Rev. James Howard. They are both deceased. Buried in Mt. Vernon cemetery.
1. Hudson - married Pearl Greene
2. Alta - married Major Howard, he is related to the Moses Taylor family through Sidney who married Rev. James Howard.
3. Flossio - married Emil Kessinger.
4. Elsie - Van Kessinger.
5. Orval - married Floy White. She is related to the Moses Taylor family through his daughter Nancy
6. Omer - married Mae Flener.
3. Noah - born November 16, 1869 married Rosa Lee Durham born November 4, 1870. They were married May 10, 1893. He was a freight agent at Morgantown for the Evansville Packet Co. He after operated a farm and a Hardware Store. They moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky where he was a real estate agent. Both are buried in Fairview Cemetery at Bowling Green.
(a) Eldred Taylor Daugherty, born at Woodbury, Ky. June 17, 1894. He attended Bowling Green Business University and was a salesman in Bowling Green. He was a Captain in the US Army during world war one and was a Service Officer for the American Legion at Bowling Green until his death on August 6, 1955. Buried in Fairview Cemetery Bowling Green. He married Josephine Bristow June 17, 1923. One son, Benjamin Troy Daugherty was born April 14, 1933. Benjamin received a BS Degree from Georgia Tech where he played football all four years. He was one of five men in the county to play in four bowl games and win all four. He married Dorothy Crossland on November 25, 1955. He served three years in the Air Force and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he is a bond broker.
Alan Stuart Daugherty 11-14-56
Katherine Camille Daugherty 12-1-57
Michael Henley Daugherty 6-7-60
Christopher Shawn Daugherty 1-27-63
(b) Troy Lee Daugherty born September 24, 1896 at Woodbury, Kentucky. Attended Western
Teachers Collage (did not graduate) and Bowling Green Business University. He worked
as a bookkeeper and teacher. He is retired. Living at 556 E. 10th St. at present, 1968,
Bowling Green, Kentucky.
(c) Birdie Mae Daugherty born April 13, 1898 at Woodbury, Kentucky. She received the AB Degree from Western Teachers Collage and taught school 44 years, 30 of these at Fort Thomas, Kentucky. She retired in 1968. Living at 556 E. 10th St., Bowling Green, Kentucky.
(d) Agusta Daugherty born July 23, 1901 at Woodbury, Kentucky. She attended Bowling Green Business University and Eastern Kentucky Collage, taught 2 years and was book- keeper for Motor Electric Supply Co., Bowling Green for 21 years, retired 1966. She was married Bowling Green, Kentucky - 1968.
(e) William B. Daugherty born May 28, 1903 at Morgantown Kentucky. Died August 14, 1903 - buried in Riverview Cemetery, Morgantown. F. Evelyn Daugherty born December 1, 1904 at Morgantown, Kentucky. She graduated from Western Teachers Collage and has taught at Ashland, Kentucky for 38 years and is still teaching. She married Russell Webb McKee
November 25, 1936. They have one daughter. Rosalee McKeee, who married Carl Baker
Wilkey, June 18, 1961. She graduated from Georgetown Collage in 1961 and has taught 3
Wayne Craig Wilkey -- April 22, 1964
Keith Lane Wilkey - September 25 1967
4. Van B. born 1863, died 1956. Married Arpy Taylor, a daughter of John T. Taylor, no known relation to the Moses Taylor family, October 24, 1890 at Morgantown, Butler County, Kentucky. She was born 1867. Died 1956. Both buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Butler County, Kentucky. He was a well known farmer in the Banock community of Butler County, Kentucky.
A. Enos, born 1892, at Banock, Butler County, Ky. Taught school 40 years in the school system of Butler county. Also operated a farm. retired in 1955. Married Audra Howard in 1917. A daughter of Ephriam L. Howard. She has lineage to the Moses Taylor family through her grandfather and her great grandmother Sidney, who married Rev. James Howard. She was born in 1900. Served as postmaster at Banock, Butler county for 29 years. Now retired, living at Banock Butler County in 1968.
1. Kenneth F., born in 1918 at Banock Butler county, Kentucky. Graduated from Butler County High School. A veteran of World War Two. Lives at Shively, Kentucky. Has been employed at Fort Knox, Kentucky. for a number of years as electronics inspector, which is a US civil service job. Married Ellen Daugherty. She has lineage to Daniel Daugherty and Nancy to Moses Taylor family. They have one son. Dennis graduate of Western High School in Jefferson County. He is a freshman in the University of Louisville, Louisville, Ky. Living at Shively in 1968. Jefferson County.
2. Douglas F., born in 1922 at Banock Butler county, Kentucky. A veteran of world War two. A graduate of Butler County High School. Graduated from Western Kentucky State Collage in June 1955 with
a BS degree, Is presently employed as a teacher in the Butler County School System as an elementary teacher.
3. Wilbur W., a twin of Douglas, born in 1922 at Banock, Butler County, Kentucky. A veteran of World War Two. A graduate of Butler County High School. Graduated from Western Kentucky State Collage at Bowling Green, Kentucky in June 1955 with BS degree. At present employed as an elementary teacher in the Butler County School system.
4. Chesley S., Born 1924 at Banock, Butler County, Kentucky. A graduate of Butler County High school. Veteran of World War two. Graduated from
Campbellsville Baptist Collage, Campbellsville, Kentucky. with BS degree in secondary education, in 1964. Employed as a teacher in the Butler County High School in Morgantown, Kentucky. First married Verbal Cook. Divorced. Two children: Carl - Born in Butler County, Ky. 1951 JoAnn - born in butler County, Ky. 1954. Second married - Constance High at Miami, Fla. Graduated from Miami Senior High in 1958. She is a graduate of Campbellsville Baptist College, Campbellsville, Kentucky. She is employed in the Butler County School System, Morgantown, Ky. As a teacher in special education. She received the BS degree in June 1963. One child :-
Patrick, born 1965. Living at Banock, Butler County, Ky. 1968.
2. Mittie, born at Banock, Butler County, Kentucky July 12, 1891. Died in 1963. Taught in the Butler County School system twenty years, served as deputy tax commissioner for eight years. Married Charles Howard, a son of Monroe Howard. Has lineage through his great grandmother Sidney, who married James Howard, to Moses Taylor family. both deceased, buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Butler County, Ky.
(a) Shafter, graduate of Butler County High School. Attended Western State
Teachers Collage, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Living in Morgantown,
Kentucky. Engaged in appliance business in 1968. Married Camilla Taylor a descendent of Moses Taylor family.
(b) Raymond, graduated from Morgantown High school. Is at present a farmer in the Flener Community of Butler County, Kentucky 1968.
Married Helen Phelps.
(c) Loretta, graduated from Morgantown High School. Married James Cardwell a missionary Baptist Minister. They are now living in Butler County.
Some other children of William Daugherty, son of Daniel and Nancy Taylor Daugherty, daughter of Moses Taylor. Nancy - married William L. Kessenger in Butler County February 12, 1844. Children: Haley, Riley, Polly and Daniel. Sidney - also spelled Sidny and Sidna. Grave marker shows these dates: Born April 12, 1801. Died September 7, 1879. She married Rev. James Howard, a Baptist Minister, March 16, 1827, in Butler County, Kentucky. They are both buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery, near Dexterville, Butler County, Kentucky.
John Woss - Grandfather of Enid Howard.
William - Grandfather of Charles Howard, mentioned under the Van Daugherty family.
John T. - Grandfather of Audra, who married Enos Daugherty.
Eli - Had a son Singleton, who served as County School Superintendent of Ohio County schools and became a successful attorney at Hartford, Kentucky.
Mary A. - Married Charlie Crabb. They are both deceased. Buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Butler County. they had a grandson, Dr. Alfred Crabb, who is an educator and author. Employed at present at Peabody Collage Nashville, Tennessee 1968.
Cynthia A. - Married Rev. Andrew J. Snodgrass. They are deceased and buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Butler County. They have a son still living. George W. Snodgrass at ValliVu Nursing Home, Canon City, Colorado. He celebrated his 101 birthday March 20, 1968.
Howard, Enid T. RFD #5, Bowling Green, Kentucky Born - 1896, married - Hettie Newton - 1920 - born 1898 Lineage: Moses and Elizabeth Taylor Sr. Married - New Bern, NC 1764
(She - Elizabeth Prevette, a French Huguenot, Descendants can become members of Huguenot Society)
Daughter - Nancy - married - Daniel Daugherty - 1786 New Bern, NC
Daughter - Syda - born - 1827 Died 1873 married - J.W. Howard Sr.
Son - J.W. Howard Jr. Married--------
Son - Nathaniel Howard married - Martha Tyler Born - 1860 Died - 1920
Son - Enid Howard, born 1896
Mr. and Mrs. Howard own the original Moses Taylor Sr. homeplace. The original log house has been moved to a new location. Also two log barns are still in good condition. Highway 231 runs through the original land and fronts highway 231 at Gasper River Bridge.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard are highly respected and take an active part in community affairs. They have adopted daughter, Helen Marie Hayden, who is married to a prominent Bowling Green business man, Mr. Al Landreth. Mr. Howard's brothers and sisters were:
Bonnie - Born - 1888 Died - 1936 Married - Rollin Keown
Dorsia - Born -1889 Married - William Rogers
Irene - Born - 1892 Married - Henry W. Jones
Cedric - Born 1890 Died young
Extrin - Born - - - Died young
Ruby - Born 1897 Married - Clyde Guffey
Wilburn - Born - - - Died - 1900
These people have lived in Butler and Warren Counties. They have engaged in agriculture for the most part. Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr., came to what is now Warren County in 1799, with them were 12 children (7 boys and 5 girls) and a number of sons-in-laws. The men were granted some 200 acres of land each by the State of Kentucky. They cleared the land of timber and build the roads. When Warren became a county in 1796, the Fiscal Court paid 25 cents each for Wolf's heads, since there were no stores. There principle food was wild game. They were religious people. It is not clear if they were originally merchants or Baptists. Anyway from Nancy's brother, Joseph descends more than 30 Baptists ministers. In fact his descendants were the religious leaders in Warren, Butler, Ohio and Muhlenburg Counties during much of the 19th century. There is some confusion in the lineage between Nancy and Daughter, Sydia, but not to effect the truth of the lineage between Moses Sr. and Enid T.
White, Otis (Judge)Born - 1887 - Butler County, Kentucky Married - Bonnie House - 1915 Judge White descends from Nancy, daughter of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr., whose husband was Daniel Daugherty, both came to Warren County from Craven County, North Carolina in 1795. Moving to Butler County around 1815. Daniel was a brother of Robert Daugherty who married Nancy's sister, Sally. Daniel and his wife settled in the Indian Creek Camp Section. They had a daughter, Nancy. Her children were: John, Thomas L., William, Moses, Elizabeth and Sally. These names are identical with those of mother Nancy's brothers and sisters. Nancy, was Judge White's great great grandmother. He is a highly respected attorney and Baptist layman at Morgantown, Kentucky. He has held the following offices: County Attorney, twice; (Beginning 2nd term in 1966) - County Judge, Circuit Clark, magistrate, State Senator and State Representative. He has been my friend for many years. On May 18, 1817, Thomas L., son of Nancy Taylor Daugherty - married Polly White on May 5, 1817 Lewis White married Nancy Daugherty, Judge White's grandfather. On October 20, 1845, Daniel Daugherty wills property to wife Nancy and son William Daugherty - being 100 acres and he is to permit my daughter Nancy to live where she is now living during her lifetime without being interrupted. Son William and Nancy to care for their mother during her lifetime. Witnesses: Wiley R. Beasley, James Howard - both Moses Taylor Sr. descendants.
/s/ L. Rhea Taylor Sr. April 1968
Aug. 8, 1954
Mr. L. Rhea Taylor
1143 State street
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Dear Rhea:
In the organization of the Gasper River Baptist Association at the Providence Baptist Church, Warren County, Ky., in 1804, sixteen Churches were represented. One of which was the Lick Creek Baptist
Church, near Hadley, Ky. and Gasper River. The minutes of the association reveal that it was represented in the association for five years and then disappeared. In 1812 the messengers were Joseph and Absolum Taylor. In 1817, Joseph Taylor, James Taylor and G. Harlin. In 1814 James Taylor, Absolum Taylor. In 1815 Joseph Taylor, William Beasley and James Taylor. In 1816 Absolum Taylor and James Taylor. At the meeting in 1812, this church reported 30 members, but the last time it appeared in the association it had only 19 members. Some of the Taylor's, Beasley's and perhaps Doughty's organized this church before they came to Butler County. Indian Camp Church, somewhere near Barnett's Lick Church, where so many Taylor's are buried, we find this record of this church that became extinct. (Butler County) It joined the Association in 1814, with Joseph Parker and Charles Vandifer. In 1815, Benjamin Burden, (Peter Taylor's land adjoined the farm owned by Burden). In 1816, messengers were Burden, Harris Evans, J. Parker. 1817 Francis Elick. 1821, Lewis White, my great great grandfather, (m Nancy Doughty) In 1828, William Beasley is listed as the only messenger. 1827 Thos. Taylor and P. Abney were the messengers. 1826 P. Abney and R. Taylor were the messengers. Messengers to Ivy Church Association (Butler or Warren County) 1812 - Joseph Taylor, John Early. 1813, Thomas Earnes - B. Armstrong. 1812, 28 members - J. P. Taylor (probably John Prevette Taylor) T. Earnest.
Sincerely yours,
Otis White
Otis White Attorney At Law May 14, 1956
Morgantown, Kentucky
Mr. L. Rhea Taylor
1326 State Street
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Dear Rhea:
Daniel Daugherty (also spelled - Darety) married Nancy Taylor, daughter of Moses Taylor Sr. in North Carolina. They came with their family and a company of settlers to Warren County, Kentucky in 1795. Among the company was Daniels brother Robert. They settled near Hadley, on Gasper River. In 1817, Daniel along with Peter Taylor, Jr., who married Moses Taylor Sr's, daughter Polly (Ann),and William Beasley, who married Moses Taylor Sr's daughter Elizabeth settled at the Old Corral Badley place on Sixes Creek (a tributary ofIndian camp Creek) near the Ohio County , Kentucky line. They had four boys, John, Thomas, William and Moses: five girls. Elizabeth, married a Gilstrap, Sally, married a Finley, Nancy married a White. (Sidney who married the Rev. James Howard), John and Elizabeth were twins - 1792. Nancy White, lived on the West bank of Indian Camp Creek, where the old Brownsville - Hartland Road crosses Indian Camp Creek and in the old family burying ground above the house he and his spouse were buried. Today only an old cedar tree marks the spot. The Rev. James Howard, came to Kentucky from Virginia as a young man. A pioneer Baptist Preacher. He married Sidney Daugherty and they built a home across the creek bottom from her parents home where Eli Daugherty now lives. James and Sidney were buried in the Mt. Vernon Church Cemetery close to the Church where he was an active leader throughout his long life. At that time all kinds of game abounded in the Virgin Forest that covered the creek bottoms. On one occasion James Howard was going to his father-in-law's house about dawn when he spied a bear in a hollow tree. He brought the old man to help him and they killed the bear. This bit of history was given to me by Mrs. Estes L. Smith, a descendent who received it from her Uncle J.W. Crabb who had the assistance of the Rev. W. J. Snodgrass, now past 95 years of age.
Otis White.
Descendants of Nancy Taylor - Daugherty, Daughter of Moses Taylor Sr.
On November 8, 1847, Nancy White, widow, sells to John Taylor, land in Warren County, Kentucky. She, a widow, James and Sidney Howard to John Dorety, Harris Evans, Sally Finley, Moses Dorety and Elizabeth Gilstrap (Dorety is Daugherty) heirs and representatives of Daniel Dorety, the consideration being $70.00.
The Heirs; Harris Evans, John Dorety, Elizabeth Gilstrap, Nancy White, Moses Dorty, Thomas Dorty, Sally Finley, Sidney Howard, James Howard and Betsy Dorety. (Dorety - now spelled Daugherty)
OTIS WHITE May 20, 1968
County Attorney of Butler County Morgantown, Kentucky 42261
Mr. L. Rhea Taylor
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Dear Rhea:
Your letter received, regarding the Gasper River Baptist Association. The Gasper River Association was organized at Providence Church in Warren county on September 26, 1812. Lick Creek and 14 other churches scattered over the counties of Butler, Warren, Ohio, Logan and Muhlenberg, Midway and Sandy creek from Butler, Beaver Dam from Ohio, several churches from Warren. Lick Creek messengers were Joseph Taylor and Absolum Taylor, Ivy, Joseph Taylor and John Early, Beaver Dam - Robert Render and Willis Chapman. I find this in an old record of the Sandy Creek Baptist Church, the oldest church in Butler County - 1805. This old church was once a great center of Baptist influence. She had to do with the best ministerial talent of the association. She was the home of Elder Benjamin Tolbert and wife from 1817 till his death. At its third meeting Asher Shelton, John Iglehart, Joseph Taylor (father to Alfred) and John Prevette Taylor were all liberated to preach; the last was here ordained in 1812 by Elders Tolbert, Joseph Taylor and E A. Shelton. William Childers was ordained in January 1827, Alfred Taylor baptized into her connection in 1829 by Elder Tolbert. The same was licensed to exercise his gift in May 1831. Alfred Taylor was pastor from 1859 to 63 inclusive of the Salem Church, Butler County. I notice this notation in the minutes of Gasper River Association that met in 1865 "This was the last session at which Alfred Taylor, was present, and the first in which B.F. Jenkins and B.T. Mayhugh were present." Alfred Taylor was pastor of the Sandy Creek Church for six years. Joseph was pastor of Old Midway now Monticello Church one of the churches from Butler to join in the organization from 1824 to 1837. I also checked the history of McClean - Daviess County Assoc-iation of Baptist and find 3 or 4 pages written by W. C. Taylor, the son of Alfred. I find that while Alfred was pastor of these Butler county Churches that he bought property and made his home here. I see where he sold one farm in 1836 to Austin Pendley. Joseph Sr. , John Prevette and Absolum were sons of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor.
Alfred was the son of Joseph Taylor Jr. & Sarah Best and was a famous Baptist Preacher.
Otis White
Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Their daughter - Nancy married Daniel Daugherty
Their daughter - Sidney married James Howard
Their daughter - Mary Ann married Charles Henry Crabb
Their daughter - Callie married John Wesley LaMastus
Their daughter - Ester married Cecil N. Smith
Mrs. Ester (LaMastus) Smith Morgantown, Kentucky Born - October 5, 1907, married Cecil Newman Smith - 1928 born July 25,1907 - Died August 17, 1947
Children: Sybil Dean Smith (Evans)
Douglas Rone Smith
Morgantown , Kentucky February 5, 1967
Mr. L. Rhea Taylor Sr.
1326 State Street
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Dear Mr. Taylor:
I recently had the privilege of studying your history of the family of Moses Taylor Sr. and his wife, Elizabeth Prevette Taylor, which was kindly lent to me by Mr. Otis White. I was much interested because I also am descended from Daniel Daugherty and Nancy Taylor Daugherty, and I had no information on the family other than they came to Warren County, Kentucky from North Carolina and later migrated to Butler County. Sida (or Sidney) Daugherty, daughter of Daniel and Nancy, was my great grandmother. She and her husband, James Howard, are buried under a big Cedar tree in the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Cemetery near Dexterville in Butler County. I checked the dates on their tombstones today to be sure I am right. Sida was born in 1801 and died in 1819. She was married in 1827 to James Howard and this record is in the Butler Court Office. I checked it once, but have lost my notes. On the marriage record her name is spelled "Sidney" James Howard was born in 1803 and died 1893. Wes Howard and Nathan Howard. Charles henry Crabb was born in Warren County, Kentucky in 1825, died in Butler County in 1909. I do not have the year of his marriage to Mary Ann Howard, but it was near 1850. They lived in Warren County until after the Civil War then moved to Butler. They had 10 children: Wm. H. S. Crabb, born 1853, died 1905, studied medicine at the Louisville Medical School and practiced in rural Butler and Ohio Counties where he is a legend among the older folk to this day; Georgia Ann Crabb, 1856, married Steve White (a descendent of Nancy Daugherty White, uncle of Otis White), and died while a young woman, leaving one daughter, Ette White, now Etta Hudson, Beaver Dam, Kentucky. James W. Crabb (known as "Wade") born in 1858, married Annie Arbuckle and spent most of his life near Girkin in Warren County. he had three son; Alfred LeLand Crabb, Ph.D. and author of several historic novels of Kentucky and Tennessee, now retired from faculty of Vanderbilt and living in Nashville; James Crabb who lived in Bowling Green for many years, now lives in Daviess County; and Will, who died while a comparatively young man.
Uncle Wade taught school in Warren County for many, many years. Mary Margaret Crabb born in 1860 was known as "Mollie" and married a man named Davis. Thomas Eli Crabb born in 1865 died about 1893, single. Martha Alice Crabb born 1868 married Owen Daugherty; Charles N. T. Crabb born 1863, married Lula Stewart, a son, Arthur Crabb, lives at Cromwell in Ohio county; Granville Green Crabb born 1870, died in Louisville, has sons, Wilbur and Robert, John Wesley LaMastus, 1893. he was born at Riverside in warren County, 1866, of Irish descent, and the family moved to Logonsport in Butler County, 1867. My father was a teacher and farmer, spent most of his life in Butler County, died in Ohio County 1942. I had three brothers, Everett LaMastus, 1897 to 1962; Hudnall LaMastus, Evansville, Indiana, and Robert LaMastus, Morgantown, Kentucky; two sisters, Eulalia (1898) who married Levi Allan; and Ruth (1899-1940) who married Rufus B. Taylor, Dexterville, Kentucky (connected with your Taylor family, I am sure.) The youngest of the Crabb, children, Carda, died a young woman, unmarried. Mt. Vernon Church was established in 1813. Most of the congregation to this day are descendants of the Taylor-Daugherty migration of pioneers. He was born in Larue County. His father, Richard Howard, came from Virginia and his mother was a Miss Duckworth of German descent. James Howard was a Baptist preacher, and his tombstone has an open bible on it. This information on James Howard I have from Enid Howard's sister, Dorsie. My grandmother, Mary Ann Howard, (known as Polly) was born 1831, died 1902. She was one of at least 8 children of James and Sidney Daugherty Howard. They were; James worth Howard (married Nancy Irene Nation), George Howard, Mary Ann Howard (married Charles Henry Crabb), Cynthia Howard (married Rev. A. J. Snodgrass, Baptist minister), William Howard (married a Snodgrass, probably sister of A.J.), Eli Howard, I am sure much of this information is irrelevant for your purpose, but I appreciate your efforts so much I thought I would volunteer it. If you wish to trace any of this branch of the family further, I might be able to put you in touch with someone who could help. Sincerely,
(Mrs.) Esther L. Smith
Son of Judson L. Taylor
Taylor, George T.
Born - 1901- Graves County Ky
Married - Ysabel Mandoza Born 1902, married 1930
One Daughter; Maria T. Taylor, born 1933
In July 1966 Mr. Taylor was living at 3771 S. W. 27th Lane, Miami Fla. 33134. He has a AB and M A degree from the University of Kentucky, 1924-1925. He retired from the Immigration Service of the US Department of Justice, Mr. Taylor came from a most distinguished line of Taylors. There have been more than twenty-five Baptist ministers from the descendants of his grandfather, Joseph Taylor Sr. A great Uncle John, son of Joseph Jr. was the first white male child born North of Mayfield in Graves County. Mr. Taylor has been away from Kentucky many years, but it is easy to judge from his letters that Kentucky is his first love above the many places he has lived, he is proud to be a Kentucky Colonel.
Other children of Dr. Judson L. Taylor:
Son - Rex Taylor
104 South First Street
Mayfield, Kentucky
Daughter - Mrs. C.B. Wyatt
RFD #8
Paducah, Kentucky
Daughter of Moses & Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, SinaBorn - Craven County, NC Came to Warren County, Ky., with parents in 1795 Married - Samuel Biggers.
Daughter of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Elizabeth
Born - 1-26-1761Craven County, North Carolina. Married - 1784, William Beasley, Craven County, North Carolina. He was a Revolutionary war veteran. Record in Butler county, Kentucky, where he applied for a pension. Served under Bernard Green, was in Battle of Reedsegs Mill. . .Elizabeth and her husband came with her parents to what is now Warren County in 1795. They had son, Wiley R. Beasley. At age 12, the family moved to Butler County, Kentucky and settled in the Indian Creek Camp Section, where so many of her people had moved from Warren County, Kentucky, was a land owner, public official. He first married in 1832 to Perline Smith. There were three children, one of whom was Anthalina, who married Daugherty - probably a cousin. She died in 1849. He next married Lucinda Horning, in 1833, of Switzerland County, Indiana. A daughter of John DeSallie, Coy Harning. Their Children: William D., Elizabeth Taylor, Robert E., John W., Florence R., Ira R., Singleton R., and Peter Cooper. Wiley Beasley, was a Baptist, Deacon and Democrat.
Daughter of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Sally (Sarah) Born - Craven County, North Carolina. Married - Robert Daugherty in 1784 at New Bern, NC Both came to Warren County in 1795 and settled on Gasper River. Their old homeplace is at top of what is known as the Hadley Hill, on Highway # 231. A Baptist Minister who performed many marriage ceremonies in both Warren and Butler County, Kentucky. Daniel married Nancy Taylor, a sister of Sally. It is believed they died in Warren County, Kentucky. Names of any children are not known. There were several Daugherty's in Warren County in the early 1800's. Tradition says Robert and Daniel Daugherty were brothers. Daniel married Sally's sister. In 1794, there was another Robert Daugherty in Craven County, North Carolina whose father was Owen Daugherty.
Son of Moses and Elizabeth Prevette Taylor Sr.
Taylor, Absolum Born - 1791 in Craven County, North Carolina. Came to Warren County, with his parents in 1795.
1st wife - Polly Robinson, married - 1808 She was a widow and had a son, James. Absolum was his guardian and was discharged in 1812.
2nd wife - Polly Burden married 11/8/1826, in Ohio County, Kentucky. (This may be incorrect), however , the marriage bond is signed by Thomas and Redding Taylor, his brothers. This could have been Absolum Jr. Other than marriage record of an Absolum nothing more is available in Ohio County. This biblical name first appears in Moses Taylor Sr's life when he bought 100 acres of land from an Absolam Taylor in 1766 in Craven County, North Carolina. There was also an Absolum Jr. - - Moses Sr. had above son, Absolum. Just what relationship existed is unknown. It is believed he lived and died in Warren County, Kentucky. He was in Warren County in 1817. Absolum and his brother Joseph Sr. were messengers from the Black Creek Baptist Church, warren County to Providence Knob Baptist Church (established 1804) in 1812 for the purpose of organizing the Green River Baptist Association which consisted of 16 churches. The Knob Church is on Russellville Road about 6 miles west of Bowling Green and has today a large congregation and is one of two of the oldest churches in Warren County, Kentucky.
On Road Commission in 1798;Peter Taylor, John Taylor, William Taylor, James Taylor, Henry Taylor, Asa Taylor
1798 - Peter Taylor, Overseer on a road from Warren County, Kentucky line to Spring Branch, to a road from Buffalo Gap to Logan County, Kentucky - - Line on a direction to Highland Salt Works. The road to run by Joseph Taylor, Sam Finley, James Taylor, Thomas W. Taylor, William Taylor, Redding Taylor, Moses Taylor Sr. and Jacob Gammels places. There was a Peter and a Peter Jr. - - It would be interesting to know Peter Sr's connection with Moses Taylor Sr.
BOOK - A -9, November 7, 1797:The following Taylors have agreed to help on roads through the wilderness - - Peter, John, James, Henry, Moses Jr., James Thomas, William, Redding and Joseph.
BOOK - 1 - 40, MAY 7, 1799:James Taylor on Coroners Jury finding that Fred Stump murdered - Belly cut, ripped 12 inches and his throat cut.
BOOK - A -May 7, 1799 - John Taylor on road work.
October 1, 1799 - Court find John Taylor took a hat through error at Beardstown, Warren County, Kentucky.January 20, 1801 - John Taylor Judge in election Court.
October 3, 1797 - Authorized survey on Warren-Logan County, Kentucky line.
BOOK - A - PAGE 66 July 1, 1800 - Joseph and John Taylor to report on road mouth of clifty to Red Bank Ford on Gasper River. May 7, 1800 - Stephen & William Taylor on Coroners Jury.
The names of Taylors in new Bern, Craven County, North Carolina around 1760 were: Moses, Aaron, Abraham Jr. (Sr. having died 1751), John, Joseph, Robert and Absolum. *******
Abraham Taylor Sr. first purchased a lot in New Bern in 1729. He came from Baltimore County, Maryland.
Thomas Prevatte purchased 600 acres of land in Craven county in 1766.
No other record of a Prevatt, other than Peter and Elizabeth until Thomas shows up in 1766. Was he brother of Moses Sr's Elizabeth Prevette? Peter Prevette's wife's name was Elizabeth. Peter and Elizabeth were parents of Elizabeth, who married Moses Taylor Sr. her grandfather's name was Peter Presal (Prevatte) who came to America from France in 1700.
On August 23, 1823 - John Prevatte Taylor (son of Moses Taylor, Sr.) of Washington County, Alabama sold to his brother Redding for $500 - 200 acres of land on Gasper River, Warren County, Kentucky.
In the 1700's many Prevattes lived in Robeson County, North Carolina - Lumberton County Seat.
On November, 1827, John Prevette of Coffeyville, Clark County, Alabama, sells his brother James 200 acres for $500 - on Gasper River, Warren County, Kentucky.
In 1729 - Peter and Elizabeth Prevette bought 100 acres of land in Craven County, North Carolina. They were Elizabeth's parents, who married Moses Taylor Sr.
The McGinnis - Taylor, Cemetery just off Highway 231 - Jackson Mill road (at first rise in road - off to right at top of Slighthill) - near Gasper River bridge is held by a deed. Book - 159 page - 636. Warren County,Kentucky - County Court Clerks Office.
On October 8, 1828, Miss Jess McGinnis, Mercer County Kentucky, married James H. Moorman. She was a sister to Sarah Ann, who married Moses Taylor III. In 1837, Mr. Moorman mortgaged to his brother-in-law Moses III for $100 - a Negro girl, Mary. A year later Moses bought Mary for $200. Moses lived in Mercer County and Moorman in adjoining County of Lincoln.
One source says when Moses Taylor Sr. came to Craven County, North Carolina his mother came with him. There is only one record of a woman named Catherine owning property in Craven County in 1700's. Do not believe she was Moses Mother.
John Prevatte and wife Hughanna Carr Taylor had the following real estate when living in Butler County, Kentucky. December 2, 1817 - sold land to Richard B. Dalton
October 1, 1814 - sold land to Henry Fluellen
December 2, 1817 - sold land to R. B. Dunton located on Meader Branch of the Big Muddy creek. This sale was made before moving to Alabama.
*On November 30, 1739, 390 acres of land was granted to Peter Prevatte, Craven County, North Carolina.
On November 6, 1729, Baltimore Court, Md. Vol. 6 - page 392, is will of Lawrence Taylor leaving to his sons James and Abraham his 200 acres plantation "Goodspread".
WILL of Abraham Sr. Taylor, son of Lawrence Taylor of Goodspread Plantation,
Baltimore, Maryland This will was made in Johnson County, North Carolina in 1751 and probated in the same year in Craven County.
He moved from Baltimore County, Maryland to Craven County, North Carolina in 1729. His wife was named Eda.Their Children:
Absolum - (He had son, Absolum Jr.),
Ama (married Colton), Jonah,
Rachel (married Bagley) ,
a daughter deceased had married George Marshall.
Son Joseph was executor of the will.
Witness - Sarah Prevette and Absolum Taylor Jr.
Son - Robert Taylor and Moses Taylor Sr. owned land together for many years in Craven county. Was he a son of Abraham of Goodspread Plantation, Baltimore, Maryland or another Robert Taylor?
From the records of the four or five Taylor families in early New Bern, most made wills and we find naming their children, but Moses shows up nowhere.
North Carolina census in 1795 lists the following Marshalls. Mary Marshall - no males - (3) females including the head of family (2) slaves.
Charles Marshall - (7) females including head of family - (8) slaves.
Sidney and Chloe Marshall who married Moses Taylor Jr. and James Taylor are most probably closely related with these families.
Joseph Taylor Jr. , born 1751 and died 1818. He came to Warren County, Kentucky in 1808 from Edgecomb County, North Carolina and settled near Richardsville, Kentucky, where he is buried. He and his father Joseph Sr., sold land in Edgecomb County, North Carolina in 1807, and Senior probably died that year. Also, in 1807, Junior sold additional land before coming to Kentucky in 1808. This Joseph Jr. has a monument erected to his memory, however, the Junior has been left off. This Joseph Jr., is not to be confused with Moses Taylor Sr's son, Joseph Sr., or his son, Joseph Jr., all of whom around 1808 lived only a few miles distance. It is my information the father of Joseph Sr. , has never been established. There is a reasonable possibility that Moses Taylor Sr. and Joseph Taylor Sr., of Edgecomb County, North Carolina were closely related.
**Because of much misunderstanding between the Joseph's referred to, here is a list of Joseph Jr. & Sarah Best Taylor's children:
Frances - born 1778 NC
Amy - Born 1786 NC
William - Born 1787 NC
Allen - Born 1789NC
Tempie - Born 1796
Mary Ann - Born 1792
Deliah - Born 1795
Charlotte - Born 1797
Joseph III - Born 1801
Sarah Best - Born 1803
Elizabeth - Born 1806
Nancy - Born 1807
Tradition says one of the sons settled with the Mormons in Utah.