JamesWhit Taylor III
James Whit Taylor JR.
James Whit Taylor SR.


Direct Parenta & Grandparents In Blue

Children: Generation 1
1 Robert Taylor
      B: 1480 in Clatterwich Cheshire England
      D: 1562 in Cheshire, England. Buried in Cheshire England
      M: Joan B: 1484
Children: Generation 2
      1: Thomas Taylor Sr.
      B: 1498 Sheldesley, Worcestershire, England
      D: 05/20/1562, Great Budsworth,Cheshire England
      M: UNK.
Children: Generation 3
      1: Thomas Taylor Jr.
      B: 1524, Little Leigh, Cheshire, England
      D: 08/03/1575 England
      M: Joan Gutcliffe About. 1549 Little Leigh, Chester, England
Children: Generation 4
      1John B. Taylor
      B: 1550, Chatterwick, Cheshire, England
      D: 04/09/1627, Great Budsworth Cheshire, England
      M: (1st Wife) Johanna Gatecliffe, 07/18/1575
      B: 1554
      M: (2nd Wife) Ellen Massey on 12/11/1586
      B: 1565 Little Leigh. Cheshire, England
Children: Generation 5 From 2nd Wife
      1: Katherine Taylor B: 02/09/1587/88 in Little Leigh, Cheshire, England
      2: Thomas Taylor B: 02/18/1593 in Little Leigh, Cheshire, England
Children: Generation 5 From 1st Wife
      1: Richard Taylor B: 09/04/1580
      2: Ellen Taylor B: 10/21/1582
      3: Humphrey Taylor B: 03/06/1583/84 in Little Leigh, Cheshire, England
      4: Lawrence Taylor
      NOTES: Lawrence Taylor lived at: Goodspread Plantation, Baltimore, MD
      B: 16 Feb 1582/83 Little Leigh,Cheshire, England
      M: (1st Wife) Elizabeth Haughton 08/09/1608
      M: (2nd Wife) Cecily Rigways No children known of
Children: Generation 6
      1: James Taylor
      2: Abraham Lawrence Taylor Sr.
      B: 1630 England
      M: Deborah Keachine 11/03/1660 Eastville, Northampton County Virginia
      B: Abt. 1640 Virginia
Children: Generation 7 First Taylor Born in America
      2: Abraham Lawrence Taylor Jr.
      B: Abt. 1661 Northhampton County Virginia
      D: 07/10/1719 Johnston County, North Carolina
      M: Jane Courkin 1683 in Northampton County, Virginia
      B: ABT. 1660 in Northampton County, Virginia
Children: Generation 8
      1: John Taylor B: ABT. 1687 in Baltimore, Maryland
      2: Letisha Taylor B: ABT. 1689 in Baltimore Maryland
      3: Abraham Lawrence Taylor III
      B: ABT. 1685 Baltimore County Maryland
      D: 12/?/1751 Johnston County, North Carolina
      M: Dinah Eda White 1708 Baltimore County, Maryland
      B: ABT. 1685
Children: Generation 9
      1: Anne Taylor B: 03/29/1712 in Baltimore, Maryland
      2: Jacob Taylor B: 10/06/1714 in Baltimore, Maryland
      3: Rachel Eda Taylor B: 10/09/1717 in Baltimore, Maryland D: 1789 In Beasley Island NC
      M: Solomon J. Beasley around 1742 B: 1707 Beasley Island, Craven County NC D: 11/13/1789 in Beasley Island
      4: Joseph Taylor B: 08/20/172
      5: Abraham Lawrence Taylor IV B: 10/201723 in Baltimore, Maryland
      6: Isaac Taylor B: 11/25/1725
      7: Prudence Taylor B: ABT. 1729 in Craven County, North Carolina
      8: Robert Taylor
      B: 10/13/1709 Baltimore County, Maryland
      D: 04/15/1780 New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina
      M: Catherine Ellis Abt. 1728 Craven County North Carolina
      B: Abt. 1712 Bgaltimore County MD
      D: 1785 Craven County NC
Children: Generation 10
      1: Mary Taylor B: 1736 in Baltimore County, Maryland M: Owen Daugherty B: 1700 In Ireland
      2: Aaron Taylor B: 1731 in Baltimore Co., MD
      3: Abraham Taylor B: 1733 in Baltimore Co., MD
      4: Absolum Taylor B: 1734
      5: Unknown Taylor B: 1738 in Baltimore Co., MD
      6: Unknown Taylor B: 1740 in Baltimore Co., MD
      7: James Taylor B: 1742 in Baltimore Co., MD
      8: Moses Taylor Sr.
      B: 1729 West Creek Johnston County, N.C.
      D: 03/23/1819 Gasper River, Warren County, KY
      M: Elizabeth Prevatte 1764 New Bern, Craven County, NC
      B: Abt. 1739 New Bern, Craven County, NC
      D: 03/06 1833 In Warren County KY
Children: Generation 11
      1: Elizabeth Prevatte Taylor B: 01/26/1761 New Bern, Craven Co. N.C. D: 1856 Sixes Creek Indian Camp       Creek Butler Co. KY
      2: Moses Taylor Jr. B: 1762 Craven Co. N.C D: Warren Co. KY M: Sidney Marshall 1788 in Mew Bern NC
      3: Alfred Thomas Taylor B: 1764 in Craven County, N.C.
      4: Joseph Prevatte Taylor B: 04/21/1765 New Bern, Craven Co. N. C. D: 01/25/1819 Beaver Dam Ohio Co KY
      M: Mary Slade in 1785 New Bern, Craven Co, NC. B: 04/17/1766 Craven Co NC D: 02/15/1840 In Beaver Dam, Ohio Co, KY
      5: Sarah Taylor B: 1768 Craven County, Ky.
      6: Nancy Ann Taylor B: 1770 Craven County, N.C
      7: Redding P. Taylor B: 1776 Craven County, N.C.
      8: John Prevatte Taylor B: 10/20/1783 New Bern, Craven County, N.C.
      9: Sina Taylor B: 1787 New Bern, Bath, Craven County, N.C.
      10: Absolum Taylor Sr. B: 1791 Craven County, N.C.
      11: Polly Ann Taylor B: 1794 Craven County, N.C
      12: James Prevatte Taylor
      B: 03/30/1769 in Craven County, North Carolina
      D: 1849 in Warren County, Kentucky
      B: Buried on Hill above his old home on Richlieu Road
      M: Chloe Marshall 1795 In Kentucky
      B: 1772 in Butler County, Kentucky
Children: Generation 12
      1: John Marshall Taylor B: 1798 in Warren County, Kentucky
      2: Fornifor B. Taylor B: 1798 in Hadley, Warren Co, Kentucky D: 1834 Bur: McGinnis-Taylor Graveyard Highway 231 on Jackson Mill Road
      M: Mary Polly McGinnis - 1827 Born 1807 Died 1853 B: Born 1807
      3: James Moses Taylor B: 1800 in Warren County, Kentucky
      4: Ester Taylor B: 1805 in Warren County, Kentucky
      5: Sidney M. Taylor B: 1807 in Warren County, Kentucky
      6: Edwin A. Taylor B: 6 APR 1809 in Craven County, North Carolina
      7: Sylvester Taylor B: 1811 in Warren County, Ky
      8: William H Taylor
      B: 1796
      D: 1850 Warren County KY
      M: Amelia Ramsey on 09/01/1817
      B: 1796
      D: 1852
Children: Generation 13
      1: William H Taylor JR. B: 1823
      2: John W. Taylor B: 11/24/1825 in Warren County, Kentucky
      3: Hester Ann Taylor B: 1826
      4: Chloe Caroline B: 1836
      5: James Booker Taylor
      B: 1816
      M: Elizabeth Waddle 08/01/1839
      B: Abt 1816
Children: Generation 14
      1: Casey Taylor B:
      2: John William Taylor B:
      3: Sally Taylor B:
      4: Eugene Taylor B:
      5: Wiley Taylor B:
      6: Charles Wesley Taylor B: 1839
      7: Sallie W. Taylor B: 1840
      8: Callie Taylor B: 1841
      9: John Waddle Taylor B: 1842
      10: Robert F Taylor
      B: 8/11/1863
      M: Lula Hurd
Children: Generation 15
      1: Beulah Courtland Taylor B: UNK.
      2: Fairly Elizabeth Taylor B: UNK
      3: Henrietta Johnson Taylor B: UNK.
      4: Paul W. Taylor B: UNK.
      5: Maude Taylor B: UNK.
      6: Warren Elvis Taylor B: 02/10/1899 in Hadley, Ky
      7: Robert Booker Taylor B
      8: James Whit Taylor Sr.
      B: 12/02/1894 Hadley, Warren County, Ky.
      D: 05/24/1966
      M: Katherine L. West 01/12/1920 Staten Island N.Y
      B: 12/29/1899
      D: 03/04/1996
Children: Generation 16
      1: Beulah Katherine Taylor B: 11/13/1920
      M: William Robert Deane
      2: Grace May Taylor B:
      3: Margaret Jean Taylor (Peggy) B: 07/19/1925
      M: Walter Fleming Ritchie (Scotty)
      4: James Whit Taylor Jr.
      B: 01/11927 Staten Island
      D: 07/08/1993
      M: Helen Beatrice Foster 03/04/1950
      B: 07/17/1918
      D: 09/12/1987 Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Broward Co.
      B: Thompson Pa.
Children: Generation 17
      1: James Whit Taylor III
      M: (1st Wife ) Helen Rose On 08/05/1973
      M: (2nd Wife) Tamara Lee VanZant On 05/23/1981
Children: Generation 18
      Son of Helen Rose
      1: James Whit Taylor IV
      M: Laurie Gardner
Children: Generation 19
      1: James Whit Taylor V
      Son of Tamara Lee VanZant
Children: Generation 18
      2: Landon Eugene Taylor
      M: Patricia Anne Awbrey
Children: Generation 19
      1: Austin James Taylor
      2: Brooklyn Colleen Taylor