How do we prove or disprove if Robert Taylor born in Baltimore Maryland in 1709 is the father of Moses Taylor born in New Bern Craven County 1729.

Here in my plan and quest. We know from the will of Abraham Taylor in 1751 that he mentioned certain family members by name and relationship to himself. According to many family trees Abraham had more children than are mentioned in his will. The ones not listed in his will, will be removed from my search because the will is proof of the relationship. My focus will be on the sons of Abraham that are mentioned in his will, Isaac, Abraham, Lawrence, Joseph and Jacob;

I will try to locate any male descendant that is alive today that we can prove was a direct descendant of one of Abrahams sons. Next and God willing they will contribute a DNA sample and I will compare it to my own DNA If the markers are right we will have definite proof that Moses was indeed a son of Robert. Or Not!

If you can help in any way please contact me at 559-430-9848 or E-mail me at Or copy and send this to all the Taylors you know.

By His Grace,
James Whit Taylor III